poet lost

The voice was unmistakable when I tuned in to NPR’s “Fresh Air” on Friday. Sekou Sundiata. I immediately remembered the loss of him on Wednesday that I hadn’t yet digested.  Fresh Air was doing a remembrance of the poet.  He was incredible.  And his voice is impossible to forget.

I saw him perform in La Jolla as part of Quincy Troupe’s Artists on the Cutting Edge series in the late 90’s.  I met him afterward and he signed my CD and was so kind.  He’s always been someone I’ve thought of with fondness, though I may not have followed his work beyond those days when I was consumed with poetry.  Hearing his voice took me back to those days, when every moment was an inspiration and every experience a chance for discovery.

Talking with Han last night, he said, “It sounds like you’re falling in love with poetry again.”  


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