meeting a mermaid & reading success

Thanks to everyone who came to the reading last night. Of course, many of them don’t know I have this blog, but should they ever come upon it, they will know that I was grateful that they were there. (Of course, I told them in person as well!).

I was especially pleased to meet the dancing mermaid. Thanks so much for coming and even more so now, knowing that you were dealing with a heavy loss. I felt a little like a schoolgirl trying to make a new friend and not quite knowing what to do or what to say. But you were lovely and sweet. I hope that there will be other opportunities to meet. Thank you again.

I tried to explain something last night about having this blog and I don’t think I did a good job. Schmoopy tried to answer the question “Why do you blog?” the other day and it has caused me to think about it, too. I don’t know how to explain it very well, but this blog for me is an outlet of my life. But it’s also a balancing act because I want to maintain some privacy for the people in my life. And perhaps I’m giving myself too much credit to think that someone might read this who knows me. The thing I’m trying to discover, to maneuver on this blog is how to chronicle all the wonderful experiences in my life without getting too specific. Does that make any sense?

But this is also a blog about me. And last night felt so great. It had been a really long time since I’d performed for a significant amount of time. I had been anxious about it all day, not sure what to read, feeling a little defeated that many of my poems were getting on 10 years old! But then I found a few newer ones that I added in and was feeling better. And when I got behind the mic, it was like riding a bicycle. These old words given life again were me, or at least a representation of me at different points in my life. Trying to cull the emotion that prompted them as well as attempting to divine the energy to bring them a fresh spin and represent who I am now was empowering. And the response was great. There was a great mix of people in the crowd, some who I knew, some I did not. Some old friends and some new, poets and artists and good spirits. I drove home with an awesome sense of self.

I will also say that in preparing for the reading, I was inspired to write more. To document my days in this place I’m in now. I have done that to an extent with some of the newer pieces, but so many pieces that I read last night are centered around a place or a moment that deserved documenting. Many of my newer pieces are deliberately more detached, simply because I wanted to try to write from a different perspective. That’s where “Scarlet” and “A.W.O.L.” came from. But the ones I resonate more with are personal, are ones that illustrate moments in my daily world or paint a vision of what’s important to me.

So here’s to more writing and more reading, to mermaids and good spirits, to music and friends.

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  1. mccabe says:

    oh wow sweetie,
    i am honored that you mentioned me in your blog!
    thank you!
    there was so much more i wanted to say to you
    last night
    but i know you had lots of friends&supporters to get to.

    your voice sounds like a cross between
    an angel and ani difranco.
    have you read by chance any of francesca lia blocks books?

    i think you would totally dig them.

    thank you for inviting me last night,
    it was a great gift to my soul.

    with love

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