When You Go – for Poetry Thursday

Here’s the poem I referred to here:

When You Go

your CD player broke about 200 miles ago
all you can get through that Arizona desert
is AM radio that alternates between
preaching and Hank Williams

high lonesome rolling of Hank & his heartbreak
partners comfortably with the litany of sins & redemption
that pervade every life lesson and reinforces
your belief that music and religion do the same thing

whether it’s John Lennon or Jesus
they were both just trying to save us
from ourselves, hoping to teach us
the things they’d already learned
so we keep going back to them
when we feel like we can’t keep going on our own
we find solace with them
just like how you do now on that dark road
on your way home, thinking of me
and the ways we each find strength

last night before I turned out the light
the house’s sudden silence rang in my ears
I didn’t know what I missed more
the bustling energy or this more sustained quiet

even now as I sit in the garden
enjoying a warm November morning
I miss a certain quality of life when you go

so turn up your radio
while I transmit this unique prayer
and we’ll soon see each other again
somewhere between the melody and the message

This piece was written for “The Game” that was filmed for the TV show, Java Jams, episode # 38.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. nicole says:

    i love this… the line, “whether its John Lennon or Jesus” is delightful!

    and thanks so much for writing a haiku on my blog. i am going to add it to my post!


  2. gautami says:

    It does read like a song as you intended for it.

    I like…

  3. mccabe says:

    simply beautiful….

    please let me know if you have another poetry reading…i really enjoyed hearing you last time…

    with love

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