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The days seem to fall together so quickly, I can barely keep up. My intention for this blog is not necessarily to document each day’s happenings, but for these last few days it seems warranted. Also because I know I have family who read this and I want to let them know what’s been going on! If you’d rather get to my more poetical musings, going ahead and scroll down a bit…

DK turned 10 years old on Wednesday. In the morning I had a card for her and when she went into the kitchen to make her breakfast, I went up and gave her a big squeeze and the card. After she read it, she hugged me good and hard and I had to fight back the tears. It was such a cool moment. She also hugged me before I left for work. A great way to start the day. That night, we had dinner at the Corvette Diner where Han & I presented her with our gift: a trip to LA to go to Disneyland and to see “Wicked” at the Pantages Theatre. She was so excited. I am, too, actually. It will be my first professional musical. After dinner, we took her to her mom’s where she was told about another of her gifts, a cell phone. More squealing. We left her there and made our way to that night’s gig. Han was in the opening band and then was called up as a special guest with his acoustic duo partner to play a couple songs to again celebrate their ten years. There were some great people there that night. Some old friends and some relatively new ones. I was at ease in their company. And Han was having a great time as a friend of his from Australia was there. They talked music and travel and ways to have Han return to play music again down under. A late night.

An early morning and I had a tough time getting through the day. So much so that I actually missed going to a gig downtown with the rock band. Han was very sweet about it. I stayed home and did laundry, caught up on email and went to bed early.

Friday saw another gig for the rock band and one that I attended, but before that, we stopped at another place to see our friend, Barbara, play. She is a golden-haired beauty with a voice like a honky-tonk angel. I feel connected to her in nebulous, intangible ways, though we’ve had very few one-on-one interactions. And those have usually been paired with wine or another intoxicant so they are tinged in a way. I find it more difficult to let people in these days. I’m much more closed than I used to be. A protective device no doubt, but there are some in our lives who I would love to open up to and likewise, would love to know more. But I digress. The Friday night show was fun and rockin’ and people were into it. Another late night.

Another early morning on Saturday. I accompanied Han to deliver and set up a sound system for a party that afternoon and then we headed to Parkway Bowl for DK’s official birthday party. Two of her friends, her mom and her grandmother. We bowled and more officially, we cosmic bowled. The room is decorated in blacklight. There are disco balls, smoke machines and music playing. I could not tell you the last time I bowled but guess what? I bowled a 99 the first game! An 86 the second game, and overall it was quite fun. Part of the party was pizza and unlimited soda, DK’s mom also brought a cake and then DK opened gifts. Then it was time for the arcade where the wills of 3 ten year olds battled when one believed she should have the control. Han handled it all very smoothly and helped upright some attitudes. We parted ways with the birthday party then as it was to be continued at DK’s mom’s place for a sleepover.

Han & I went home for a little bit and napped, then headed out to the party. It was an open house of sorts for the acoustic music scene here in town. People were welcome to perform and they all did. 3 songs each, no particular order. There was plenty of food and drinks and great company. The evening ended differently than I envisioned but that’s how those things go sometimes. Another late night.

Sunday gave us the luxury of sleeping in. I got up before Han and got sucked into my book (“The Kite Runner”). Suddenly it was past 11 in the morning and I hadn’t done much of anything. I went on a self-guided guilt trip which wasn’t much fun. Han’s rock bandmates came over and we loaded ourselves up to go to another gig, this time an outdoor street festival. Lots of snafus and misinformation made this one pretty forgettable, but it was a blip in a month of numerous gigs, so we let it go. Han got the hankering to make fried chicken for dinner so that’s what he did. [Have I mentioned that Han is a fabulous cook? Which is great, because if it were up to me, we might starve, or buy stock in Kraft. I rule at the boxed pastas etc, but otherwise, not a lot of cooking skills here.] Dinner was yummy and we watched the PGA Championship (we’d recorded it) and the Padres game. By the end of the night, we were exhausted and went to bed.

Last night, we had a couple over for dinner. Musicians who are a duo, and married, and so cool. It was a pleasure to talk with them in our backyard oasis, drinking wine and champagne. Han made a Greek salad for dinner that was perfect for the hot day we’d endured. DK hung out with us for a while, but then she took herself to bed and we continued to talk and learn about each other. They were getting ready to leave the next day for a two week tour to the northwest. But we still talked and laughed until almost 11:30 pm and it was good. We gave them a few CD’s to take with them on their travels to feel inspired, to curl into as the surrounding hours moved them north.

END OF WEEKLY RE-CAP: And now for a more philosophical bend…

I read through several blogs during the week (see blogroll) and from many of them, I get a sense of the haphazardness of life. How things just show up and throw you off: an unexpected death, an off-hand remark, a threatening storm on the day of a wedding. Still others are filled with exploration, a desperate need for understanding and meaning or just a gentle reminder of ways to notice what happens around you every day.

I don’t know if I could name the last time I had noticed how the sky looked, but driving home yesterday, the clouds were swirled like the way sand on a beach might look after you run your fingers through it.

I don’t have a set time for writing. I never really believed in that. But then, writing came much easier for me. I thought whenever the inspiration hit me I could jot it down. Now, I don’t often have that luxury so I consider the option of a routine writing time. Some say the morning is the right time, but as you know, I don’t know if that would work for me. But perhaps I could fit it in, even if it’s ten minutes to jot down a dream, a few things to do that day or a recap of the day before (that would cut down on this kind of monstrous post). Maybe I’ll try that.

For now, I thought I’d leave you with some things that I’m enjoying and one thing that I definitely don’t like.

What I’m enjoying:
Warm vanilla sugar lotion from Bath & Body Works: I have a bottle of it at my desk at work and I will slather it on liberally throughout the day. Its scent is a luscious bit of pampering.

Birkenstocks: I wear them everyday, even to work. I’m lucky that way. My heels are not doing so well, but one of these nights I will take care of them properly (soak, slough, soothe).

Reading whenever I can: I’ll read little bits throughout the day. It’s like I’m cheating on a diet except instead of sneaking chocolate, I sneak bits of chapters. I get lost in the stories, the characters.

Orangesicle shake from Carl’s Jr: Have you had one? A big cup of summer with whipped cream.

Not killing my plants: They are all still alive and doing well! I still owe before & after photos of the backyard.

One thing I don’t enjoy:
Women who talk to each other while using the bathroom at work. Maybe they happen to meet at the door to the restroom and they strike up a conversation, and then they continue it as they select their stalls, lock the doors and sit down. They talk over the stalls and are oblivious to anyone else in there. And many women do this. Sometimes they are personal conversations, sometimes they are work-related. Some women have even come in and used the bathroom while on their cell phone. I don’t get it and I’m not a fan of it. Does this annoy anyone else?


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  1. mamacita says:

    Blogs are even better than emails. Thanks the updates!

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