weekend happenings and a look ahead

On Friday, Han & I left our house and headed out to Ramona for the weekend. His rock band had a gig at a great little roadhouse called Cheers on both Friday & Saturday nights. The owner of the bar offered for us to stay at his house since he’d be out of town. So we headed out around 6 pm to go set up the gear for the show, then head to the house for a bit and then go back for the gig.

The house was great, a sprawling 4 bedroom, 2 story place with an incredible deck that faced west. The sunset was breathtaking. It was fairly out of the way so it was quiet and still. There was also a view of Ramona Lake. Driving to it, you take a dirt road that winds through an old oak grove with enormous boulders to the side of the road. It was at once creepy and beautiful.

The gig on Friday was a dud, just because there were hardly any people there. This is no reflection of the band, it’s not the kind of gig where people are there to see them specifically (usually). It was just a dead night for the bar. So that was kind of a drag. Han & I drove back to the house and crashed out. We slept in ’til 10:30 or so (I think he was up for an hour or so before me). We hung out on the deck and saw red-tail hawks swooping by. It was truly awesome to see. Then we poured some margaritas and decided to take a ride on the golf cart. Led by the black lab, Sumo, we took our chances on the cart once we found that it hadn’t been plugged in. We didn’t know how long we’d be able to go but we went for it. Up and down the nearby roads and driveways. Up to the boulders on the road coming in and up an empty road that promised a house for sale. Sumo kept up with us the whole way as the temperature started to rise. Going up that last road, the cart was having some trouble, but when we stopped and looked at the view, Han looked around and noticed wild sage growing. We took a bunch of it and will be making sage bundles later this week. It was something I’d always wanted to do. To harvest sage from the wild. Its earthy scent worked itself into my skin and I felt so peaceful. Han told me how to take it from the plant and how to only take one or two stalks from each plant so that the plant would survive. We went back to the house and had to alternate getting out and walking. We also had to push the cart a little bit. As we rolled up to the garage, it ran out of juice. Perfect timing.

I drove down to a little market and got us some lunch while Han stayed back and tried to do some writing. I loved that part of the day. Coming back and to hear him noodling on the guitar and making notes in his book. We had lunch and promptly got drowsy. We napped in the living room for a couple hours. So relaxing. The rest of the day was spent pretty much like that, lazing about and not worrying about anything.

Eventually, it was time to head back to the bar for that night’s gig. I’m happy to say it was a much better night, lots more folks who were into the music and having a good time. It helps the night go by easier when people are enjoying themselves (both the audience and the performers).

Got up on Sunday around 9:30 am and took to cleaning up the house. We left around 10:30 am and headed back to San Diego. It was hot. HOT. My immediate task when we got home was laundry and getting ready for our next excursion which begins at 4 pm today when Han, DK & I get on the train and head to Los Angeles. We’ll go to Disneyland tonight and tomorrow and then go see “Wicked” tomorrow night. I’m so excited! And I’ll get to see my mom & dad this afternoon which is always a good thing.

I’ll be sure to report on the LA happenings when I get back on Wednesday. Have a wonderful week!


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