On Monday night, I tossed and turned and had three very vivid dreams. I wrote them down elsewhere (too muddled to include here), but they involved gunplay with Han (after which I woke up crying), huge dogs, a homeless couple (who owned the dog), a music in Iraq documentary, drunken friends, space shuttles, walking around LA wearing only a towel and Oliver Platt. I know it was nearing a full moon and that there was an eclipse, so maybe my mind was tuned into something quite beyond me because WTF?

Between dreams, I woke up at 3:08 am and thought about going outside to see the eclipse. I didn’t. I was simply too exhausted. When I got home from work yesterday, I felt like a zombie and slightly removed from the goings on around me. Han suggested I go lay down and I did. It was 8:30 pm. I got up once to change the laundry and then promptly went back to bed. Next thing I know it was 11:30 pm and Han was coming to bed. I went to sleep again and woke up again at 3:40 am. What is up with this waking up in the 3 am hour?

I had more dreams last night. One involved me burning some banana bread in the oven and another involved me reading a magazine that was busting on some upcoming Bruce Willis movies. The mag showed about 3 or 4 different stills from some of the movies he’s making. Each still was basically the same scene but they were supposedly from different movies. The magazine was saying how the movie studios should check with each other. And I remember the picture: Bruce Willis is facing the camera, he is on the floor with his back against a dresser, he is more in the background. He has been shot in the chest and is bleeding. In the foreground, a red blanket is laid out. In one picture it has silverware wrapped in napkins placed on it, as if a picnic is about to take place. In another picture, there are cowboy boots and sandals scattered on the blanket. That’s the only two I remember studying. Weird.


In many of the other blogs I read, there is a sense of change. Many of these blog owners happen to be teachers or moms, so they are returning to work after a summer off or their kids are going back to school. In a way, I am jealous of this mark of time they have in their lives, the sense of something ending, something else beginning. And as I write this, I realize that I too have this to a degree as DK prepares to go back to school next week. Starting 5th grade at a new school. But I am somehow slightly removed from it.

And for my own daily routine, there is no difference from summer to fall. The weather changes slightly. Baseball winds down. But it’s been a good summer. And I’ll dedicate my next few posts to re-counting stuff I did.

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