surprise and a memory

I’m surprised by the lack of 9/11 references in any of the blogs I read. I’m not sure how/why I feel this surprise. I woke up and didn’t know what day it was until I turned on the radio. Like probably everyone else, I thought back to that day and where I was etc. One clear recollection I have is after learning of the events, I wasn’t sure what to do so I just went about my morning. Got dressed, got in the car, stopped at my local coffee house for my (then) daily mocha. I was kind of in a daze as I moved about. There was another customer in line and he looked at me slightly and said, “Crazy what’s happening in New York…” Not really a question or a full sentence, just a remark. Almost like, “Crazy weather we’re having…” I don’t think either of us knew or understood the severity of what had just happened. I went on in to work, only to be told to just go back home, it was all just too much for anyone to expect much to get done, work-wise.

On this day, I always think of Heather and her family who lost Jeffrey, a firefighter. He was part of the first responders. Jeffrey was Heather’s cousin and someone I had met and hung out with at her wedding. He was a good guy. It’s really amazing to think that it’s been 6 years, and how there is so significantly a before and an after.


And now for one of those summer memories I’ve threatened you with.

June 14-17 – road trip to Las Vegas to see The Police
We rented a car and drove to LV, checked in to our room at Bally’s. That evening, we ordered room service and relaxed.

On Friday, Han & I hit the pool and splurged on huge $17 margaritas (yes, $17). Later, my sister and her son & husband got into town, so I went over to where they were staying (Tropicana) and went to a small pool over there and then we ate some lunch.

We all met up to go to the concert together (that being the whole point of the trip). My sister is a longtime Police fan and I glommed on to her worship of them, which then developed into a sincere adoration of my own. We all drank a few cocktails before the show and then made our way to our seats. As often happens, Han was recognized by a nice girl who came over to chat with us. That kind of thing happens in the strangest places! But it was awesome. The opening act, Fiction Plane, was forgettable (I learned later that the lead singer is Sting’s son). During their last few songs, I was on a margarita mission. None of the bars took plastic so I had to hightail it all over the MGM “mall” to find an ATM, then get back through the lines, get the drinks and get back to the seats. Speaking of seats, they were okay. Not great. Right side of the stage, slightly behind. We had a pretty good view of Stuart which was cool for Han.

When the concert began, I was a-flutter. I’ve seen Sting countless times and I’d also seen The Police as a kid (I think I was 7 or 8 ) and I remember all of those shows being awesome. As a reunion tour, this show had a lot to live up to, and I’m sorry to say it didn’t really. Sting was in top form, while Stuart and Andy were just getting by. Stuart dropped sticks and Andy missed notes. But I will say that hearing those songs once again in full volume with thousands of screaming fans was pretty damn cool. I didn’t get goosebumps or that feeling, like you’re witnessing something unbelievable. It was fine, but it wasn’t the greatness I had hoped for.

On Saturday, there was still fun to be had as Han had a show. It was for his duo act, and they had played this place before but I had missed it, due to my inability to regulate my champagne intake. So it was my first time and I was excited about it. Getting a chance to see Las Vegas from the viewpoint of people who do actually live there was cool. It was hot. And windy. But mostly hot. My sister and the boys came along and that was great since my brother-in-law had never seen them perform. It was a great show and well-received. Quite a difference from the previous night’s concert, but only in size of stage. Han is an incredible performer and quite entertaining as is his partner.

I said goodbye to my sis and the boys and they made their way back. Me, Han & C also made our way back with a stop at the Las Vegas In-n-Out for a midnight burger.

The next day, we rapidly made our way home to San Diego for another gig, this time with Han’s rock band. It was a pleasant way to end the weekend, though I was somewhat sunburnt. After the gig stuff, we met up with friends at a nearby Hooters for beers and deep fried pickles (I’m not a wing fan).


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