I forgot to mention that yesterday at lunch I saw another hawk up close.  I was sitting in the parking lot of a rec center near my job, having lunch and reading when this lovely hawk swooped down just past my car to perch on a piece of playground equipment.  Like the last sighting, it was rare to see it so low and close.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. It looked like it was scanning the nearby trees and grasses for some food.  I could see it crane its neck and tilt its head. Then it suddenly took off, flying up to perch on the light post right in front of my car.  I got out and stared at him a while.  Unlike other birds, noises didn’t cause him to jump or skitter.  When I had to leave, I slowly pulled my car away and still kept watching when he took flight again, going the way I needed to go through the lot.  He perched again on a taller light post that overlooks the rec center’s ball field and stayed there as I drove past.  I like to think that he was making sure I got along okay. 
I made dinner tonight.  A rare occurence.  It was so-so.  Not great, but not trashable. 
On Thursday & Friday, I’ll be attending a copywriter’s workshop for work.  I’ve not had much “formal” training as a copywriter so I’m interested to learn more.  Plus it will be a great change of pace to head downtown for a couple days.  I hope the weather isn’t too bad so I can walk around a bit while I’m down there.
I’ve started work on those poem fragments I posted yesterday.  I know what I’m trying to say, I just need to bring it out a little more.
Until the next time…


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