an evening post

Somehow it got to be 9 pm. I’m not sure where the day went.  Mondays are like that, I guess.  It was back to my morning routine of doing the dishes and other small household chores today.  Then it was catching up at work after being away for two days at my workshop.  DK had the day off of school so went to a friend’s house.  I picked her up around 5 pm and then we came home. Han had a session going so I dropped off DK and went to park since the client was in the driveway.  Some days this would bug me, but I liked the little walk and the fact that it is November 12th and I’m wearing Birkenstocks with no socks and no jacket.   I even sat outside in our backyard gazebo to make a few phone calls while Han finished up his session.

But then the evening got away from me, and between eating dinner, doing some laundry and spending some time together watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, it’s now after 9 and I’m ready for bed.

In other news, I urge you again to please support the WGA.  Sign the petition, read the blog, if you’re in LA or NYC, go out and walk the line.  Educate yourself because you’re not getting the story from the television news or most of the papers.  The writers are everyday people who have talent putting pen to paper.  They deserve what they’re asking for from big media.  Don’t download or watch shows online, you’ll only be feeding the monster that wants to keep it all to himself.

I wish I had more energy to outline what a fabulous weekend I had.  Full of music, friends, wee hours, wine and laughter.

This week I’m looking forward to Thursday when friends will gather to help celebrate my birthday. It’s a combination with one of Han’s shows and it will be downtown.  My birthday is actually Monday, so we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to already be going to a bar and asking our friends to join us.  Friday will also be fun, another gig (not Han’s) and then another friend’s birthday party.  On Saturday, my parents will come down to visit and on Sunday, I’m going to relax.  In the meantime, I need to finish “Love in the Time of Cholera” and keep up with my blogging.  So far so good, every day in November!

Good night!


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