looking at another year

In 5 days I’ll turn 36.  I won’t go into how weird that sounds to me and how it doesn’t feel like how I thought it would feel to be this age when I thought about it when I was a kid.  It’s all been said before but the reason for that is?  Because it’s true.

The other night, we were talking about Christmas and DK mentioned that she wanted an iPhone.  Han & I politely told her that most likely wouldn’t be happening, and then gently reminded her that she already has a cell phone.  And a TV, DVD player, iPod shuffle, computer,  stereo and video game system.  In her room.  Plus she has exclusive use of the land line in the house.  We both said how we didn’t have any of those things in our rooms when we were kids (aside from the turntable!).  Then she said it was because none of those things had been invented yet.  Now while she is partly right on the cell phone level, all those other things were around way back then, just not as portable or zippy as they are now. 

How I dreamed of having my own phone!  For the longest time I wanted a princess phone because I thought they looked so cool.  I never did get one.  How I dreamed of having Atari!  I had to go to my friends’ houses to play and often over-stayed my welcome.  I wasn’t as interested in my own TV, mostly because I probably couldn’t conceive of such a luxury.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like my parents denied me these things maliciously.  It simply wasn’t affordable or practical then.  I get it.  So I still sometimes find it hard to swallow when I see kids now who have so many conveniences and I understand how my parents probably thought the same of me and my sister when we had the turntable in our room and bought multitudes of records and then…tapes!

The time, she does move quick.  So now as I look forward to an evening out tomorrow night with friends to celebrate this personal new year, I am also looking further ahead to what I’ll be wondering about as I look at 37, 38 and beyond.  As the scene goes in “When Harry Met Sally”:

Sally: And I’m gonna be 40!
Harry: When?
Sally: Someday!


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