Thanksgiving Eve

It’s been a pretty mellow day.  Wrapping things up at work for the rest of the week.  Then, it was a stop at the bank and the grocery store.  Got home and made dinner though there was a disturbance in the force.  
Dinner with Heather last night was fun.  We went to a local Mexican eatery called Ponce’s, which is really tasty.  It was great to catch up with her.  With all the years behind us and still so many more ahead of us, it is great to have her as a friend.  We still connect on so many things, which is so comforting.  Our lives don’t often overlap anymore so we have to make time for each other, but there’s never the feeling of being forgotten and that is a beautiful thing.
I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Trying to get some writing done, and looking at Christmas lists and into ’08 and making some plans.  On Friday, I’ll travel up to LA to visit my folks.  That night is undetermined, but then Saturday, I’ll get a pedicure which I’m really looking forward to, then Sunday, more relaxing and probably more Christmas planning.

Until then!


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