just a quick note

After a very successful Thanksgiving hosted by great friends, today was family day.  I drove up to LA to spend the day with my mom & dad.  There were yummy snacks, a long nap, a yummy late lunch and lots of chatting in between.  I also scored some of my mom’s clothes, which was a bonus.  Tonight, Han & I are going to a gig with other friends which will be fun.

Yesterday was really nice.  A great group of talented and fun people who all are really good at making food for lots of people.  There was a cheese plate, deviled eggs, chips & dips and plenty of booze.  Then there was a big turkey, pot roast, mashed potatoes, Han’s green bean casserole, various corn dishes, a broccoli rice casserole, bread, and various kinds of stuffing. For dessert, my applesauce chocolate chip cookies, a pecan pie, various pumpkin pies and other little sweets.  After we ate, a Pictionary game broke out and later, I found an empty chair in front of the TV which was showing “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”  Someone threw a blanket over me and I was pretty done for the day.  Excellent.

Hope yours was good, too!


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