Saturday’s action

Did some housecleaning early this morning and helped Han prepare the house for his session today, then it was off to my Royal Island pedicure!  It was lovely, though the girl working on me seemed a bit horrified by my heels.  They do need some more TLC.  But I’m so happy with the color I chose for the polish.  Happy toes!

Stopped by the store then came home.  They were still working (still are) so I came into the bedroom to watch TV and do a little work.  Little being the optimum word.  I didn’t do as much as I’d planned or hoped to do.  I did make a quick trip to Submarina for sandwiches for Han & I.  The band he’s working with are guys we’ve never met though they seem nice, kind of an alternative sound. 

Not sure when they’ll be totally done, but tomorrow there’s nothing scheduled so we’ll have a good relaxing day.

Last night, we went to a gig where Han sat in with the band.  It was fun.  I tried to write, but ended up making a list of things to do, gifts to buy and songs to download.

That’s all for now!  Until tomorrow…


One Comment Add yours

  1. mamacita says:

    Glad you enjoyed the pedicure, take care of your feet..pumice!!!! 🙂

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