the sky, the sky

Leaving work this afternoon, the sky was brilliant.  Spotted with wispy clouds, its color varied from a rosy pink in the west to a soft violet in the east.  I found myself staring at it, barely keeping my eyes on the road.  It’s been some time since the sky has distracted me with such loveliness.  It pleased me.

I do miss weather sometimes.  The way the sky can turn menacing but still feel sheltering.  How wind brings the earth’s scents swirling about you.  The way rain or snow can make everything around you feel hushed and still. But the variations in sunlight are wonderful, too.  The hard warmth of the most brilliantly hot day in the summer, the muted light on a winter morning (yes, even here in San Diego) that rarely provides heat but glares off of everything.  I especially like when the sun plays with the wind so that when it burrows into my hair, any way I turn brings strands to my face that are dripping with warm comfort and the feeling that everything is exactly as it should be.

As I look ahead to the holidays, I can look forward to learning how the sun and the weather will greet me in Florida and Georgia.  It will be the first Christmas that I won’t spend with my mom and dad and I predict it will be a tough holiday in that respect. But on the other hand, I will be with Han and DK and will be encircled with his mom’s family and their traditions.  I’m excited for that, to see a new part of the country, to look to the sky and be inspired.


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  1. mamacita says:

    You have a lovely way with words 🙂

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