thanks NaBloPoMo (and rain!)

Tonight will be the last post of November and the final post in NaBloPoMo.  It’s been great, I think. Especially for the reason I stated yesterday about reading other blogs every day.  I know I’ll post more frequently in December than maybe I would have if it hadn’t been for this exercise.  I saw something on the NaBloPoMo blog about Holidailies.  Anyone know anything about it?
It’s been pouring rain ALL DAY here and now into the evening.  The all caps is for emphasis.  It rarely rains here for longer than an hour, but it’s kept coming down consistently.  I got good use out of the umbrella I have, that’s for sure.  Someone who works in the building next to mine saw me this morning and asked to borrow it so he could go get something in his car.  He was nice about it and I found it kind of funny.

Otherwise it was a pretty hectic day.  Meetings and a lot of them, all backed up against each other.  But now it’s Friday night and we’re getting ready to head out to a gig. Which is what we’ll be doing the rest of the weekend, too.  I think I might try to get some shopping done, too.
Here’s to a fabulous December, the off-chance I win a random prize for NaBloPoMo, a fabulous weekend, laughter, rain and music.


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  1. redred says:

    I’m ready for new words, please :o)

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