welcome 2008

“all is quiet on new year’s day” – U2

And it was.  After a highly successful party here at the house that saw me forget my family’s favorite addage (“moderation is the key”), I was on the couch until about 3 pm yesterday.  I did watch “Music & Lyrics” which was cute enough.  Then I undertook the clean-up.  Not too bad, really.  But then came the other sobering efforts to recall how much of a fool I was.  I think I maintained pretty good right up ’til the end of the night when I slurred some mean words at Han with regard to the karaoke.  And then I got sick.  Not a real great start to the year.  We talked about it last night, but there is still some making up I have to do.

Today it’s back to work, I also worked on new year’s eve.  It should still be fairly slow which is good.  Having these holidays land mid-week is a little discombobulating.  Feels like the weekend, but nope, you’re still smack in the middle of the week.

I’ll be updating here about our trip and about some things I learned in December which threw me for some loops.  I’d also like to try to re-cap some things about ’07 like Red did.  Until then…

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