goals for ’08

This list is an ongoing process, but here are a few things I’d like to accomplish this year.

1. Reduce my impact on the earth.
This means being more “green” and also literally reducing my physical impact. (I thought that was a better way to say lose a few pounds. 🙂 )

2. Read 20-25 books.
I read 11 books last year and feel good about that, but want to allow time for more. Since I got a hefty amount in gift cards from Powell’s, I placed an order yesterday and will soon own four more books that I’d like to add to my “Read in 2008” list.

3. Get back to my poetry roots.
This means attending and participating in readings and/or open mics, maybe do some classes, workshops or seminars, and booking some featured readings.

4. Better prepare for the holidays.
Every year I say I’ll not spend as much as the year before and wistfully believe I’ll just make gifts for folks. This year, I’d like to, if not make something for everyone, at least plan ahead so that I’m not part of the holiday consumer crush that happens in December.

5. Take a couple trips.
Since I had just started my job last year, I only got 5 vacation days, most of which I had to save to use for the holiday trip to Florida and Georgia. Now (almost) in my 2nd year of employment, I get 10 days so I hope to be able to take a couple little jaunts, whether it be with Han for gigs or with Han for fun.
edited to add: looks like we’ll be doing some trips around weddings this year – to Las Vegas and Washington state

6. Release “Best of Meeting Grace” volume 2

7. Acoustic Duo goals:
– book and route tours of TX, NoCal, Northwest and midwest
– book locally
– help coordinate recording of 5th studio album

8. Rock band goals:
– work to increase visibility of band
– help coordinate recording of 1st album
– book locally and potentially regionally

9. Studio goals:
– develop word of mouth campaign to attract new clients

edited to say that #’s 6-9 are to replace the more general goal previously posted which was to Manage/coordinate musical ventures with efficiency and success. 

that’s all for now!


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