unscheduled weekends

I tried something different this last weekend.  I skipped the to-do list and went off the menu.  It was great.  I still got a ton done, was still able to relax and was able to face the week with a positive attitude.  I surprised myself with that last one.  I thought I might regret not looking at what I had originally written down to accomplish this weekend, but it was fine.  I can tackle it all this week.  And like I said, I still got stuff done (some that was on the list and some that wasn’t).

We did have a couple scheduled events, appearances whatever you want to call them and, of course, those were ‘on the list.’  But it was very liberating to get up and then decide what I wanted to focus on.  Or decide if I just wanted to watch football.  I did a little of both and feel completely accomplished.

I cleaned the laundry room, which needed it desperately.  I also got a good jump on re-organizing my office.  I took advantage of the nice weather (the room takes on the elements), so it was lovely to sift through boxes and papers and not be uncomfortable.  I also chose not to go to a friend’s place who was hosting a little get-together to watch the Chargers game.  Han went anyway, so I had some alone time and was productive.  I also loaded up my iTunes with more of our CD collection and waded through some old emails.

One of the scheduled events on Saturday was a wedding of a girl who we have known for 15 years or so.  It was very special as she asked Han to sing one of his songs as she walked down the aisle.  It was quite lovely, but we couldn’t stay for the reception as we had to go to the other scheduled event, another show.  It also went well.

Time to sign off for now, but more to come soon!


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  1. redred says:

    I’ve done that a few times – skipped the to-do list on the weekends. It feels good! It’s even better when you feel like you actually accomplished stuff without “the list”. :o)

  2. buffyholt says:

    I need a todo list. I’m way too scattered.

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