January redux

Isn’t ‘redux’ a cool word? I got a word-a-day calendar from my boss and that was one of the words. It means ‘brought back.’ So I thought I’d bring back January with a look back at the month and note some of the happenings and whatnot that kicked off the year, and see how they stack up to what I ‘resolved’ to accomplish this year.

– visited with Heather & her sisters which is always great. Given the developments in some of my former girl-friend relationships, I cherish the bond that Heather & I have been able to maintain, I love her and her crazy family bunches
– drove up to LA to hang with Mom & Dad. Even though I am a 36 year old woman, I still find amazing comfort in going home. Thanks Mom & Dad!
– saw the San Diego Junior Theatre production of “Bridge to Terabithia.” DK was on crew doing hair and make-up, the show itself was quite good and very moving, those kids are talented!
– Julia’s wedding. Spawned my last post on the exploration of my feelings toward unions and babies
– attended an open poetry reading and got some wonderful feedback. I’ll be featuring at the same reading in March, which goes with one of my resolutions, yay! (#3)
– hung with friends for football playoffs while having homemade gumbo and potentially finding a new place to live(!)
– finished reading “Love in the Time of Cholera” and started “The Book Thief”, that’s 1 book down, 19-24 to go! (goal # 2)
– put in the new good lightbulbs in the kitchen and bathroom, got downright militant about recycling, consistently use cloth bags for groceries (goal # 1)
– didn’t do anything with regard to goal # 4 except to think about it
– no trips in January (except to LA to see my folks)
– goal # 6 looks like it might get going at the end of February
– booked dates for the duo here in town as well as in LA, Las Vegas and the Midwest (goal # 7)
– booked some more dates for the band, recording will probably start in March (goal #8 )
– set up several meetings with potential clients for Han (goal # 9) that may result in at least 2 more projects
– played Guitar Hero for the first time, very fun!

Not too shabby really! It sure helps to look at it like this so I can see if what I’m doing in my every day life and tasks is reflecting what I set out to do at the start of the year.

In February, I’m looking forward to:

– rehearsal for the big show and a night at a honky tonk this Saturday with F (who will soon be off to Spring Training) & his band
– Superbowl Sunday (just another excuse to hang with our fun friends), and as a bonus for this day, the duo have a TV appearance and 2 in-studio radio performances to promote the big show on 2/9
– an evening in Long Beach on 2/7 to see many of my old friends perform as part of the Last American Valentine book release
– DK auditioning for “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at JT
– the BIG show the duo is doing on Saturday, 2/9. I’ve been consumed with managing it with promotion, organizing the performers & volunteers etc.
– doing nothing the day after the big show!
– Amnesty International fundraiser on 2/17
– having the day off on 2/18
– finishing “The Book Thief”
– hearing all about my sister’s spectacular vacation
– making more advances on my goal list with regard to the music stuff
– potentially making plans to move!
– getting back to the gym
– writing new poems & more blog posts
– celebrating my parents’ 43 years of marriage!
– reading more of all my favorite blogs
– renewing our annual Disneyland passes
– more Guitar Hero!
– participating in Community Reader day at an elementary school in Chula Vista

That’s a lot of stuff! It looks like it will be a great month! Hope you have a good one, too.


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  1. mamacita says:

    Hey what happened to “- writing new poems & more blog posts” ?
    Need to take some time to yourself girl! 🙂

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