Happy Earth Day!

Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the Earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know – the Earth does not belong to man – man belongs to the Earth. This we know.
– Chief Seattle

It’s Earth Day! Since the first goal I listed for this year was to reduce my impact on the earth, I thought I’d post some info about what I’m doing to try to uphold this goal, and things I’ll change or do to keep it up.

At work today, they’ve made the recycling bins more prominent and we’ve turned off most of the lights in our area. I like it just fine. I also sit by a window and already had the lightbulb that sits above my desk removed so not much change for me.

I believe in recycling, not that it’s even a belief, I mean the facts are clear that recycling is good to do and really easy. But I know people who don’t do it at all and it’s hard to understand. At home, we have a recycling bin set up in our kitchen and I can be pretty militant about it. It’s easier now I think because it’s in the kitchen whereas in the last house it was in the laundry room. Now it’s in site and thus it triggers whoever has something to toss to determine if it should go in the trash or the recycling bin.

I regularly use canvas bags for grocery shopping now. I think I need 2-3 more and that should completely eliminate the need for the grocery-bagger to switch to plastic when the canvas bags have been filled. I think I’ll make a point to keep them in the car for those times when I’m stopping on the way home from work or something. I will also keep them in mind when I go into other stores.

We have changed some of the lightbulbs in the house but not all of them. I am a stickler for not using electricity if we don’t need it, so I’ll go around and turn off lights in rooms where no one is.

I do have to commute, so I drive a single car to & from work. If I could take public transportation and it didn’t take 2 hours to get here, I would do it. I’m not in shape enough to bike to work so that is one thing I wish I could change but see no alternative for at the moment. What I can do is make sure my truck is running well, keeping its tires inflated and the oil changed regularly, which I do, and to off-set this usage (see Terra Pass in the green links below).

As far as my goal to reduce my own physical weight impact on the earth, there hasn’t been much change. But as the weather is now warmer, we are going to try to start walking or riding bikes more, maybe even take them down to the bay which is so close now.

To wrap up this post, I’m going to provide some green links, which I actually absconded from various posts on a certain slant of light. I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing them here 🙂 Some of these are really wonderful and I plan to participate in most of them at least once this year.

Enjoy and love your Earth!

Eco Choices: shopping site

Eco Libris: plant a tree for every book you read.

Six Energy Saving Tips for the Dishwasher

Low impact living: Learn how you can change your impact.

Terra pass
: Try to make up for the commute. Restore the balance.

If you are interested in finding a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in your area, click here.

Give the gift of trees.

No impact man: A blog of someone trying to live without any kind of negative environmental impact.

Patina’s green section.

Daily clicks, which includes hunger, breast cancer, child health, literacy, rainforest, and animal rescue. Another easy (and free!) way to donate to causes.

recycled notebook

reusable produce bag

organic bamboo wipes

Care2. You can click every day and sponsors donate to different causes.

Free Rice: donate rice with every word you get right.


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  1. Molly says:

    I’m happy to see you’ve passed along the links! 🙂

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