an ambitious announcement

I want to blog every day in May. There, I’ve said it! Now that the move is over and we’re settling in, it seems a perfect month to get back to my little corner of the internet and make some noise.

So to start, let’s review some of the goals I presented at the start of the year and then list some things I’d like to accomplish this month.

2008 Goals (see them here)

1. Reduce my impact on the earth.
See my last post for the update.

2. Read 20-25 books.
I’m reading books # 6 and 7 right now. I need to step up the pace a bit to meet this goal.

3. Get back to my poetry roots.
In January, February and March, I attended a regular monthly reading (Poetic Brew) and also had a featured reading there, which I wrote a little about in this post. I missed April, but May is a possibility.
In February, I also attended an open mic at Barnes & Noble and got myself booked there for a feature in September with my friend, Robt O’Sullivan.  I also attended a Valentine contest reading put on by San Diego Writers, Ink. where I read a piece that received 3rd place in the contest.
Last Saturday, I went to a publication party for the San Diego Poetry Annual which published one of my poems. I’m now 2 for 2 with this publication and will submit again for next year’s issue.
I need to start looking for opportunities outside of San Diego. It would be great to go to Austin again or to Taos (though I can’t find any information on it after 2006).

4. Better prepare for the holidays.
I have started a list of potential gifts for people which is a good start.

5. Take a couple trips.
Although Han will head off to the midwest this month for some gigs, it looks like it won’t be until June that I get some getaway time. We’ll go to Las Vegas for a weekend, then we’re planning for a few days in Washington in August for Han’s sister’s wedding. Nothing beyond that right now.

6. Release “Best of Meeting Grace” volume 2
DONE! This CD was made available at the last house concert at the end of March.

7. Acoustic Duo goals:
– book and route tours of TX, NoCal, Northwest and midwest
midwest tour happening this month
NoCal/Northwest plans in the works for November
TX will be in 2009 (along with CO & AZ, along with another midwest trip, hopefully)
– book locally
– help coordinate recording of 5th studio album
they are meeting regularly to write and work on new songs, probably June/July?

8. Rock band goals:
– work to increase visibility of band
this is word of mouth, having an album will help
– help coordinate recording of 1st album
this will probably start happening in June
– book locally and potentially regionally
still looking locally for now with some recurring gigs so people can get used to seeing them around

9. Studio goals:
– develop word of mouth campaign to attract new clients
Slight update to this goal: with the move, the studio has a new name and is much improved technologically speaking so there’s lots to do (change website, get people over to see/hear it etc). To that end, we’re planning an open house on June 1.

May Goals
1. Blog every day in May!
2. Plan June 1 housewarming/studio open house
3. Set up Paypal for ability to sell MG compilation and my poetry CD
4. Attend at least one open poetry reading
5. Set up new domain for Han’s studio, schedule photo shoot
6. Buy plane tickets for WA trip in August
7. See Mom on Mother’s Day
8. Start a walking routine
9. Make dinner for Han & DK at least once a week
10. Start planning June, August and September music events

And before I close, I must write briefly about seeing my family this past weekend. Mom, Dad, Red, T and Mia came to visit. Red & T from SLC, Mia from Sweden. They came down on Sunday from LA and it was a gorgeous, warm San Diego day. They arrived a bit early and I was not even home! I was on my way back from the store with stuff for lunch and thus failed to have my big moment to greet them properly and show them the house. I was sad about that. I’d had this great scene built up in my head and when it all crashed, I felt pretty bad. But I hope they still enjoyed the house and the lunch and the hanging out because I certainly did. Then it was off to SeaWorld for most of us (not Mom & Dad). I hadn’t been in years and I had a great day. Han & I got fun cards (and one for DK) so we can go back until the end of the year for free 🙂

We went to dinner in Old Town and it was yummy. Plus everyone was happy and in good moods, I can’t remember laughing so much with them! I mean, we always have a good time and nice visits, but this one seemed special. Han endured the standard photo-taking at the table and then the various family combinations outside the restaurant after dinner. He was a champ. And then we took our leave.

Mia leaves next week but I know we’ll keep in touch. Red left on Monday but T stayed with Mom & Dad who will take him home later this month (at least Dad will). They’ll be back in July and we plan to go to a baseball game! I plan to go up to see the folks for Mother’s Day.

As usual, there’s a lot going on this month, so I should have plenty to write about! I have a May Day poem which I’ll try to remember to post later. Until then…have a wonderful first day of May!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mamacita says:

    I like the house, everything looks great, and it was so nice of you to get yummy stuff for lunch, that worked really well!
    It was a fun weekend 🙂

  2. Mia says:

    I really liked your house and the studio. The lunch and to hang out with you was lot of fun. Especially Sea World to me since it was my first time ever. I loved dinner, the piña colada, the company and the laughter. I’m really grateful that I have met you and got to know you. You are really and truly my extended family.Thank you for having me and you know that you are always welcome to visit me in Sweden. Don’t think about coming just come!
    I’ll mail you and of course I will keep you update with my blog.
    Hugs and kisses Love you

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