May grey

So, I missed a day.  Sorry about that.  Yesterday was not conducive to blogging.  After work, I had to pick up something for Han that was in my neck of the woods.  Then, I stopped at Tio Leo’s to pick up some food for us.  Tio Leo’s is a Mexican place near our house.  I stopped very quickly at the library to drop off my books (the Mark Haddon titles), then went home where we feasted and watched “Talladega Nights” off the DVR.

Then it was off to an actual movie in an actual movie theater!  We saw “Baby Mama” and I thought it was sweet.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are awesome. It was our family night, so DK was with us.  Some of the language and references were probably a little much for her 10 year old ears (it’s rated PG-13), but as she told her dad as we were leaving, “There was a lot of stuff in that movie I probably shouldn’t have gotten…but I did.”  Han & I just kind of raised our eyebrows.  What can you do?  There’s no telling what she hears at school, not to mention at JT.  She’s on crew for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and is part of the costume group.  She frequently tells us how she has to spend time in the boys’ dressing room and sees them all in their boxers as they do their quick changes.  She also says she’s gotten used to the smell.  Hee!

As we left the theater, I realized that I didn’t have my phone.  We went home, assuming I’d left it on my desk.  Nope.  I drove back to the theater and was allowed to go in and search for it.  On hands & knees, groping blindly under theater seats.  Ick.  And no phone.  I left my name & Han’s number in their lost & found and walked back to the car.  I was about to lose my grip.  I decided to check the car just in case and I found the phone wedged between the middle console and the passenger seat.  A relief and an annoyance at the same time.  Why didn’t I look there first?  But, tragedy averted.  A quick trip to the grocery store for some stuff DK needed for the morning and back home I went, to watch TV with Han, both of us eventually falling asleep where we sat.  Aww.

This morning, rain.  Where we live now, the mornings are generally grey and overcast so I was surprised to find it drizzling.   It feels good, a crispness to the air that feels like spring and a promise of fresh and shiny days ahead.

May try to write more later today.  I have some thoughts on poetry I’d like to share.


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