happy day after Mother’s Day

I went up to LA yesterday to hang with my mom, and it was a nice visit.  Dad was there, too, of course, and the bonus was T being there. I thought I’d get a chance to talk to my sister while I was home but I didn’t so happy belated Mother’s Day, Red!

The weekend flew by and it seems I consumed a lot of beer.  But all is well and it’s time to go back to work.  Han leaves for a tour in the midwest on Wednesday so today & tomorrow will be spent preparing for that trip mostly.

Last night, after coming back from LA, I went to Brick by Brick for the Dan Ely benefit where all my friends played.  It was a good night and Han’s band really kicked ass.  Their set was solid and rocked the whole crowd.  It was really good. I caught up with some friends and it was just a great evening.  A late one, though.  I’m having trouble motivating this morning.

On Saturday, I got a tune-up on my truck, then spent the day working on various things.  The studio was pretty busy so there was lots going on.  Han & I had a nice dinner and watched the baseball game on TV.

Friday night, Han’s band played a gig and it ended up being a great night as well.  This band is really freakin’ good and I enjoy them so much.

Guess I should be off to work.  I’ll leave you with this poem that I presented to my mom yesterday.  Enjoy!

  My Mother’s Voice


            speaking in Spanish

is a warm green salted sea


          long-distance call

                   before dawn

to her mother’s voice

          speaking in Spanish


finer things:

          river blues



my mother’s voice

          speaking in Spanish



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mamacita says:

    I had a lovely day and loved the poem 🙂
    Thanks for coming to spend the day with me!

  2. RedRed says:

    Where are you? I hope you’re busy, but I miss your words!

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