hello, June

So let’s see how I did for my goals in May…

May Goals
1. Blog every day in May!  – not good, I started out strong, but only ended up blogging 9 days
2. Plan June 1 housewarming/studio open house  – DONE! and the party on Sunday was a big success!
3. Set up Paypal for ability to sell MG compilation and my poetry CD – DONE! sent out emails to my list, but have not had much action on it
4. Attend at least one open poetry reading – failed, didn’t hear any poetry
5. Set up new domain for Han’s studio, schedule photo shoot – DONE!
6. Buy plane tickets for WA trip in August – in progress, we’re still figuring out the logistics
7. See Mom on Mother’s Day – DONE! we had a nice visit, too
8. Start a walking routine – failed, though I thought about it a lot, it’s that next step of actually going out and walking that’s hanging me up
9. Make dinner for Han & DK at least once a week – DONE!  and then some!  I cooked a bunch in May.  I made burritos, arroz con pollo, Mexican meatballs, Southwest pork chops, turkey & cheese turnovers, sesame chicken and beef stroganoff.
10. Start planning June, August and September music events – not so much, a little bit has been done for the August event but nothing else

That’s 5 out of 10 goals.  I’ll consider that pretty good, I guess.  Better than I expected probably. 

I had planned to list my June goals but I’m out of energy and want to go to bed. I thought I’d post this picture of me that was taken by my friend, Tim Flack, as part of his portrait series.  I like it quite a bit.  This is me in this period of my life.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. RedRed says:

    I like this picture of you very much!

  2. RO'SS says:

    Yes me too, I love love love that picture of you, there is just so much (inner) drama balanced with an equal measure of serenity. That photog totally captured the essence of you imho. Hated to miss your house-cooling Sunday, would love to read someday about what we missed!

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