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Actually, I don’t think my ass is giant. I think my stomach is but you get the idea. It’s time to get in shape and really try to hit that goal of reducing my (physical weight) impact on the earth. I’ve made an appointment to check out the gym called Curves. Anyone know anything about this? There is also Exercise TV, great weather for walking, biking. It’s all there for me, I just have to take advantage of it. The other part of the equation, of course, is eating. My problem is portion control. I can get a little crazy with the snacking.  But I’m doing better with taking lunches in to work and thus avoiding the dreaded fast food.  My sister is in a similar frame of mind, so we’ve briefly emailed about being there for each other. My mom and I also talked about this and she wants to get in on it, too. It would help to know that these important women in my life are pulling for me and that they’re also on the same track as I am. Let’s do it ladies!

Some of you have asked how the recent house-cooling party went. So glad you want to know! It went very well. With the mix of people, I wasn’t sure how much ‘entertaining’ I’d have to do. But it turned out that I didn’t have to worry about it all. People very naturally migrated to different areas of the house throughout the evening so that there were always people in the kitchen, in the living, in the studio and in the backyard. They all had their own conversations and then easily would drift to different parts of the house or strike up new conversations with people coming to where they already were. They all also brought just the right amount of food and drink. We hardly had any leftovers which was awesome. The whole thing began at 6pm (though some folks showed up at 5:30 pm before I’d had a chance to brush my teeth!) and went ’til about midnight or so. Clean-up in the morning was quite a task and I still haven’t gotten around to the backyard, but I need to do that today since we’re hosting another get-together tonight, a pre-party / bachelor / bachelorette party for our friends, Jonny & Cathryn, who are getting married this weekend in Julian. Han volunteered us to host since no one could think of a better idea to do anything for a bachelor party. Han is completely against boy-only or girl-only events so this is a co-ed fiesta.

What else have I been up to? Last weekend, we went to Las Vegas where Han’s acoustic duo sang the National Anthem at the minor league baseball game. It was awesome! They did such a great job and they got so many compliments on their performance. The following night, they played a house concert there. Yes, real people live there! It was also a great success. In between that, we hung in our room at the lovely Golden Nugget, I tried and failed twice to find a place to take in the sun at their busy busy pool complete with a shark tank, drove up and down the Strip and talked about getting back there with DK and one of her friends for a vacation. On the way out of town on Sunday, we had the buffet at Mandalay Bay which we both really enjoyed. My favorite things I got from it were piles of fruit and cheese. Yum!

Even though it’s already the 12th of June, there are still several things I want to accomplish this month, from the mundane to the visionary. Weather-proof the gate my dad built for us, write emails or letters to long-lost friends or relatives, plan the next Meeting Grace show(s), plan a get-together for Han’s family here in San Diego to come see the new house, exercise routinely.  We’ve started planning the trip to Washington in August by purchasing the plane tickets, so we need to build on that.  As for business stuff for Han, there’s also a ton to do: promotion for July shows, plan for James Taylor tribute show in August, plan gigs and trips for September (midwest again), October (Arizona) and November (Northern CA), open a new bank account under the new studio name, schedule recording time for the rock band plus all the routine, everyday stuff of scheduling studio time with his various clients and coordinating other stuff like DK’s school (she’s done on Monday), her vacation and JT.  Oy!

And then there’s writing.  Both here and for new poems.  I actually have an idea for a new poem but I’m not sure how to get going on it.

And then I’ll ponder the most random things like are pamie & stee still together?  They don’t mention each other on their blogs anymore but there also wasn’t anything posted about them splitting.

Here’s a quick list of the other activities that have taken place in the gaps of my May to June blog posts:

Memorial Day weekend: We took it literally and attended a memorial get-together for one of Han’s friends from high school.  It was sweet and had its weird moments, but it was good to see Jeff with these friends of his from almost what may seem like a different life for him.  I also went to Sea World with DK, her friend and her friend’s mom.  It was pleasant enough, I loved the dolphin show.

Went to the doctor on 5/28.  I never look forward to these annual visits, but it does remind me now of another goal: set an appointment to get my bloodwork done.

Han has had day and evening sessions or gigs for nearly three weeks with only ocassional time off.  In that time, I’m on my laptop doing all the business stuff you saw listed above.  On Wednesdays, I take DK to church and instead of coming all the way home, the last couple weeks I’ve chosen to hang out in the neighborhood where her church is or do some errands.   This is good for at least two reasons, I get some alone time and it saves a little gas (which is $4.49 here at Arco, the cheapest place). Last night I went to the Urban Grind in Hillcrest.  I had a Sanpellegrino Aranciata and a shortbread cookie and attempted to get caught up in my Franklin/Covey organizer.  It was awesome to have that time to myself.  It’s only about an hour but it beats driving home to be there for 25 minutes until it’s time to go pick her up again.  But there was something else that struck me as I sat there.

I used to go to the Urban Grind nearly every Sunday to co-host the San Diego Poetry Slam that my good friend, Robt, used to host.  The UG has certainly gone through some upgrades since it played host to the city’s poets some years ago.  They serve wine and beer now along with a pretty extensive menu.  The decor is updated, too.  More laptop-user friendly with curtains that separate the higher tables against the wall.  There are pillows and cushions for the hard chairs and back where our “stage” used to be…there is actually a raised floor with a couch and table on it, perfect for the college student to find a home to plug in and get shit done.  I used to know the baristas and they would score me a mocha or two.  I can’t for the life of me remember any of their names but it meant something to go in to this hip place and have the person working there be happy to see you and to know what your drink was going to be.  It was strange to sit there in a place with which I was once so familiar to now be just another patron, anonymous, no ties to the place.  It made me recall one of my other old haunts where I would most likely not be known at all anymore: the pub at UCSD.  I spent a lot of time there and knew the owner and bartenders while I was in school.  Then there’s the Ould Sod, though it’s safe to say there’s bound to be someone in there who still knows me.  Of course, Java Joe’s, though it doesn’t exist anymore so it’s a slightly different take on the theme.  It’s good to have these kinds of places.  I don’t know if I have one in my life right now.

That’s all for this post.  Probably won’t post again ’til next week, but I’ll give you the low-down on the wedding.  Cheers!


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  1. Mamacita says:

    It seems like you are always in the go!
    Is fun reading the blogs, it keeps me up to date on what you guys are doing 🙂

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