Craig Yerkes 1968-2008

We were in the car on the way to LA when Han received a phone call from our friend, Dani.  She told him that they had just learned that Craig had been killed in a car accident.  I burst into tears and my heart went immediately to the lovely and talented Marcia.  Marcia is the bass player in Han’s Rock Band and is Craig’s sister.  They were one soul.  There was never a time when she didn’t mention him: something he said or did, a ritual they had, a saying they always said, anything.  They were connected on a level that most people may never  know in their lives.

But the tears also flowed because I was one of the lucky folks who actually knew Craig personally, too.  And all of the tributes that are pouring out of people are all true.  He was one of the good guys, a brilliant musician, a kind soul, a dedicated father and husband. His death, at only 40 years old, is tragic, unfair and just heart-wrenchingly sad.

Craig was in a band called The Grams.  Han produced their debut album a couple years back so I saw them frequently as they came over to the house to record and work.  I also handled scheduling so I would email back & forth with Craig, Chuck & Elise (Craig’s wife) to coordinate sessions.   Also in the band was Bill, who is also the drummer for Han’s Rock Band.  As you can tell, this San Diego music community is a tight-knit group and this loss has sent us all reeling.

The details of the accident are under investigation but he was alone in the car when it crashed head-on into a tree.

Since Saturday, there has been a pall of emotional exhaustion hanging in the air.  Funeral arrangements are pending, but there is no doubt that there will be an enormous outpouring of emotion as we gather to celebrate him and the music, kindness and graciousness he exuded daily.

And to Marcia, her children, Craig’s children and all of his family-musical or otherwise, I can only wish that all of the love and support that is being directed at you now can be of some comfort in this unbearable time of grief.


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