It’s July…

…and June was a whirlwind of activity that swooped and soared with all the emotional extremes. It started out with a celebration of a new life of sorts at our house-cooling party.

Then we tapped into the freedom of the road with a trip to Las Vegas.

The week after that was all about love and union at Jonny & Cathyrn’s wedding in Julian.

The next week, there were gigs, a heatwave and the welcoming of summer.

The last week of June saw Han’s Rock Band provide musical entertainment for a poker tournament put on by some local sports celebrities.

And then on Saturday the mood shifted dramatically when we learned of a friend’s tragic death. It’s still nearly too much to take.

And last night, to close out the month, we let music do its work on us and basked in the enchanting sounds of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. Good for the soul.

All of these things deserve attention. And I want to give it to them. The range of emotions that they require in order to relate the stories is significant. Should I post in order of happy to sad? Or start with the most recent and work backwards? Nothing seems right. The only thing I know is that they each require their own post.


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