I deposited my stimulus check.  I feel like I’m the last person in America to have received it.

I’m picking up DK from JT after work then heading to Del Mar to watch Han be a guest performer during a Rolling Stones tribute show.

I am recovering from a bad sunburn acquired at the Padres game on Sunday.

I replied to an email from my dad (he’s new to the interweb).

I am considering a haircut.

I’m trying to figure out what/where else Han & I could do/go on vacation since the Washington trip is off.

I’m wondering what to get DK for her birthday.  She’ll be 11 on 8/8.

I made some headway in the latest book I’m reading.

I scheduled some time to submit work to some poetry anthologies/contests.

I have only briefly thought about Craig.

I’m looking forward to Jenny’s wedding on Saturday.

I wish I could talk to my sister face-to-face.

I got a great parking spot when I got back from lunch.

I want to sing along to the Wicked soundtrack at the top of my lungs (and I will).

I hope the world is getting a little better for everyone.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mamacita says:

    What happened with Han sister’s wedding?

  2. RedRed says:

    I wish I could talk to you too! I liked talking to you on Saturday. I have a sunburn on my back!

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