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I used to be much more perceptive to the songs that I had floating around my head each day.  It seems that I haven’t been in tune with them lately or haven’t noticed them so much.  But that has changed in the last two days.  Allow me to share what songs have been my daily soundtracks so far this week:

Huey Lewis & the News.  I know.  Random.  But Han’s Acoustic Duo opened up for them on Monday at Humphrey’s and I’ll be darned if those guys don’t have A TON of hits.  Songs you know even if you didn’t like them very much when they were hits.  There was a time when Huey was ubiquitous.  That’s right.  The song(s) in particular that keep popping up are “Do You Believe in Love”, “If This is It” and “Bad is Bad.”  He didn’t perform that last one on Monday, but Red turned me on to that song and it stuck.  Speaking of Red and Huey.  One year, she came down to visit and we went to Street Scene and saw them.  They were damn entertaining as I recall.  The next day when I took her to the airport, back when you could actually accompany people to the gate, we saw Huey and all the News waiting to get on their flight back to SF.  That was weird.  In other random Huey news (ha!), it was proclaimed by Pamela DesBarres that Huey is the most well-endowed of the many rockers she canoodled in her groupie days (daze).

I will say they were still fairly entertaining (musically, I can’t verify Ms. Des Barres’ assertions thankfully).  I was happy to learn that they’ve had the same line-up and crew for the last 30 years.  That’s mighty impressive.  So yeah…go forth and I dare you to not have “Workin’ for a Livin'”, “I Want a New Drug”, “Back in Time”, “Heart & Soul”, “Heart of Rock & Roll”, “Power of Love”, “Doing It All for My Baby” or “Hip to Be Square” rolling through your head at some point in the next few days.

And, one last note, also completely random. I found myself watching a bit of the movie “American Psycho” on cable.  Now, I remember that I tried to read that book in college and got completely disgusted by it and didn’t finish it (not many books have such a claim in my world), but the movie was oddly appealing.  It stars Christian Bale, who, of course, is also now Batman, so there was also that draw (though I haven’t seen “Dark Knight” yet).  As I do now, I looked up the film on http://www.imdb.com to learn more about it, and come to find out that there is a scene (not one that I saw) in which Bale has a monologue about Huey Lewis before Bale kills another character. Very strange circumstances tie back to Mr. Lewis lately.

ABBA.  Yes, I am officially caught up in the Mamma Mia! frenzy as I saw the movie last night and just loved it. It’s just silly fun and I totally needed it.  I think I may secretly have a crush on Meryl Streep now.  She looks fabulous and she could really sing!  I also really liked the girl who plays the daughter.  In thinking more about it today, I find it kind of interesting because I was kind of in the middle as far as the ‘demographic’ I fall into, yet I could relate to both the mother and the daughter.  I’m noticeably older than the daughter, who is supposed to be 20 in the film.  The mother, Meryl  Streep, in real life is 59, though I think she’s supposed to be a bit younger in the movie, maybe late 40s?  I’m right in the middle of those age ranges but I found myself drawn to both women.  The young and in love, ready for the rest of her life, and the care-free, yet still down-to-earth and responsible older woman who is not afraid of a little adventure. 

All I could think of while I watched the show was what fun they must have had filming it.  And the Greek locations were simply beautiful.  And I knew nearly every word of every song.  Some I hadn’t thought of in years.  And so, they’re bouncing through my head.  “Chiquitita,” “The Winner Takes It All,” “Mamma Mia,” “Does Your Mother Know?”, “Super Trouper”, of course “Dancing Queen”, “Lay All Your Love on Me,” and so many more!!  In fact, as I type, I am loading my ABBA “Gold” album back onto my iPod.  Yay!

All of these different songs popping into my head randomly throughout the day made me then think of that TV show, Ally McBeal.  Do you remember the one where she was told by someone (a therapist?) to find her own personal theme song.  [Don’t you love the internets…just a quick Google search and I find this, this and this.]  One of my favorite songs of all time, one that makes me want to shake it is Ben Harper’s “Gold to Me.”  I also am quite fond of the song “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.  I’ve come to appreciate and really love “California” by Joni Mitchell, and another favorite is “Something About What Happens When We Talk” by Lucinda Williams.  I don’t think there has to be just one song that helps to lift your spirits or mellow you out or get you moving when you need it.  That’s the power of music, really.  It can satisfy so many needs.   I know I could go on and on listing favorite songs (just thought of another, see my two previous posts!), but I won’t.  My main objective here was to acknowledge that I have noticed music in my thoughts again and for whatever reason, though I’m surrounded by music every day, these last couple days, I’ve chosen to be completely aware of it, celebrate it and just let the music play.
On a completely unrelated topic, I have to wish myself and this little blog o’ mine a belated happy anniversary.  It was one year on July 16 and I missed proclaiming it then.  So instead, I’ll just link to what I posted exactly one year ago. Enjoy!


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  1. Mia says:

    I haven’t see Mamma Mia the movie yet but I have seen the musical 4 times one was in Las Vegas with your Mom. I just love it and have high hopes for the movie. One of the roles is played by a Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard and I really want to hear if he can sing.
    I just want to share my favourite songs with you – It’s H.E.A.T of course but the more I listen the more I love them. Especially Cry, Follow me and Straight for your heart. That is what I listen to when I go to work in my car. I can have as high volume as I want and sing on top of my lungs without disturbing anyone. Things are getting better here finally. Hope you will have a good week. Say hi to your loved ones from me.
    Love you!

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