Happy Birthday, DK!

11.  This one goes all the way to 11.  That’s right, today is DK’s birthday and she is now 11, just that much closer to the teen years.

She is a great girl and it’s interesting to watch her navigate through her adolescence, and of course, that makes me reflect on my own.  She has to deal with more stuff than I did, particularly the fact that her parents are divorced.  She has come through it about as well as anyone could ask for.  She’s a mature girl, very sure of herself and takes after her dad in many ways.  She likes to make jokes and be in the spotlight.  Her passion right now is musical theater and she dreams of being on American Idol when she’s eligible in 5 years.

To celebrate, she’ll be spending time with each of her parents.  Today with her mom at Knott’s Soak City and tomorrow evening with her dad at Sea World.

I only want her to be happy and I hope she understands that I’m not trying to replace her mom.  I only want to be another positive person in her life that allows her to express herself and grow.  She is the closest thing I will ever have to a child of my own, but I have to remember that ultimately I have no claim to her.  It’s a delicate situation sometimes, but we are maneuvering the best we can.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DK!  I look forward to many more adventures with you in the future 🙂


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