jellypants – my summer 2008 rant

Let me preface this rant with the token “I know it could be a lot worse,” but sometimes a girl’s got to rant.

So the summer has had its moments of joy and happiness. But the over-riding feeling I have for this summer is that it sucked ass. And not just for stuff I had to deal with, but stuff I know my friends had to deal with.

There’s been a lot of death. I attended two funerals in July. Marcia had to deal with another tragic death (besides Craig’s) and Barbara has also had 2 friends of hers from home pass away. A co-worker’s 2nd mom (his best friend’s mom) also died unexpectedly.

The Becky was having terrible pain and had to have gallbladder surgery. Dan still has lung cancer. I know that Mia is having some hardships with her family as well.

Then there’s what Red’s having to deal with at her work. Yuck.

My truck broke down and I was without it for a week and a half. Yesterday, Han’s truck broke down. It’s in the shop now.

And on my way to work this morning, I was attempting to eat part of an English muffin when an errant dollop of jelly found a new home on my khaki pants. ENOUGH!

The summer’s redeeming qualities:

– trip to Las Vegas
– Jonny & Cathryn’s wedding (sans the bat)
– Robert Plant & Alison Krauss concert
– seeing my sister & nephew and going to the ballgame
– trip to Missouri (although its purpose was a funeral)
– seeing “Mamma Mia” (seriously)
– the Olympics
– seeing my mom & dad
– birth of Ruby to Rob & Paulette
– last Saturday’s James Taylor tribute show (it was spectacular)


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