hello, October, why are you 90 degrees?

What is up with the weather? Hot, windy and uncomfortable.  Where’s the crisp autumn air?  Where’s the urge to drink hot cider and eat too many tootsie rolls?  Maybe this weekend.  There’s supposed to be a 30 degree shift in the next 3 days.  Yikes.

I dropped off Han at the airport this afternoon, then dropped off DK at her friend’s house, so I have a rare solo afternoon at home.  I have the Dodgers/Cubs playoff game on (go Cubbies!) and a cold beer at my side.  I’m okay with this.

To Red, this is Fresh & Easy.  Can’t wait to get back there, probably this weekend.

I heart October and I’m so glad it’s here.  Aside from this wicked weather, it is the transitional month for me of summer into winter, into all the madness and joy of the holidays, when I start to think of how to celebrate my birthday, how I might change up my routines, and always somewhere, the ghost of Janis hovers ever near

On Monday, I leave for Iowa for work.  I’m kind of excited about this.  Not Iowa so much (though I’m glad to be going to a different part of the country), but this idea of a business trip seems so adult and yet, I still don’t feel very adult.  I had hoped to go to Texas with Han but couldn’t afford the trip this time.  There is Arizona later this month and possibly Northern California in November.  So Iowa, without going into too much work detail, my co-workers & I will be meeting with many folks who work there.  We are trying to destroy any obstacles that might exist between “corporate headquarters” (us) and “local business” (them).  A worthy trip and it always helps to establish a personal relationship with people you have to work with nearly every day.  Sometimes the phone & email conversations just don’t do the trick.

The beer is finished (it went down pretty fast) and the Cubs lead is 2-0 in the 4th inning. Perhaps I’ll read a bit and chill on the couch for a while.  I don’t have to pick up DK until 8 pm so I will take this time to relax (hear that, Mom?)


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  1. RedRed says:

    There are no Fresh & Easy stores located within 100 miles of me. <> No Trader Joe’s, either.

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