Iowa, pt 1

Greetings from Iowa.  I’m here for work.  Monday was a travel day and it all went fine.  I had my requisite meltdown as Han was taking me to the airport, but I pulled myself together and was fine once I got there.  Taking an allergy pill (not non-drowsy) certainly helped, too.  

The first leg was to Chicago and on that flight me & my 3 co-workers were scattered throughout the plane.  Then from Chicago to Moline, one guy was across the aisle from me and the other two were right behind him.  That was a very quick flight which was nice.  Once in Moline, we got in our rental and headed to Iowa.  We checked in to our hotel (Holiday Inn Express) and then made our way to a nearby casino for dinner.  The food was sub-par and even though it was all we’d eaten that day, it was not particularly satisfying.  We came back to our hotel and parted ways.  It probably wasn’t even 7 pm.  I decided to walk over to the nearby Target for some water, some little snacks, plus eye drops and blister pads.  I’d purchased new shoes (Converse) for the trip but I developed blisters on both feet as we traversed O’Hare Airport to make our connection.  Ouch.  After Target, I watched baseball playoffs and got online to reply to some emails etc.

Today was our first work day and it went pretty well, although they didn’t know to expect us since the person who was supposed to disseminate the information never checked his email.  But it all worked out.  We sat in on a leadership meeting which was helpful to get to know a lot of the people, then we did a tour.  Then it was lunch time and we went to a place called the Pizza Ranch.  It’s a buffet-style place that serves pizza, fried chicken and salad.  That’s it.  I didn’t try the chicken but the pizza was okay and I had some salad.  Then we headed back for some more meetings.  These were primarily for us to get to know some of these folks better.  It’s a situation where we are “headquarters” and they are the nuts & bolts.  I’m not explaining well, but it was to disspell the dictator tone that may be perceived.  Each meeting lasted about 90 minutes and I think they were both quite productive.   Next up will be dinner out somewhere with some other folks who happen to be here for other reasons.  Which means I will probably miss the debate, bummer.  I’ll try to update again later tonight or tomorrow!


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