Iowa, pt 2

Puttering around this morning before it’s time to leave for the airport.  I’ll recount what’s happened since I last wrote.

For dinner on Tuesday night, we went to a place called McKinley Street.  It had potential, but then the chicken I received that was covered in nacho cheese sauce was a little off-putting.  It was described as coming with a mild cheddar sauce, but the whole plate was smothered in the stuff.  Odd.  We were there with four other folks who were also in town to work.  After dinner, we caravaned to Dairy Queen for a cold treat.  Although it was rainy and cold most of the day, that hot fudge sundae was tasty!  Then it was back to the hotel where I came back to my room to relax.  I watched the end of the debate and then Keith Olberman, and went to sleep.

Wednesday started out overcast but the sun came out and it was just gorgeous.  Brisk breezes and it really felt like fall and Halloween.  Our meetings were all set up for the day and they also went well.  We heard a lot of the same thing from every group we met, so it’s pretty clear that our direction to change is a much needed one.  For lunch on Wednesday, we went to a place called Krumpets, a little breakfast & lunch cafe with more ‘progressive’ items like wraps etc.  Nothing fried.  I had a club sandwich which wasn’t bad, but the “avocado” advertised on the sandwich was actually more like an avocado sauce, not slices of avocado and not quite guacamole.  Weird.  After lunch, more meetings.  I took a lot of photos of the site and there was one point where we had a few minutes before we had to meet, so I sat on some steps and literally watched the leaves fall off the trees.  It was sunny and cool and really quite pleasant.  That was my favorite part of the day.  After the meetings, we drove out to another site and took a quick tour of the facilities and that was it.  We were done!  And it went well.  We returned to our rooms to relax until it was time for dinner.

We were all ready for a good meal. The restaurant that was selected was called Patrick’s.  And it was good.  It was also very cool inside, great architecture.  After some appetizers, we got our food.  I opted for pasta this time, a cajun dish with andouille sausage and chicken.  It was very tasty.  I enjoyed traveling with this group.  We all got along and there was no drama.  There was never any pressure to hang out.  Once we got back to the hotel we always just went to our own rooms and were on our own and I was really glad for that.  After dinner, they dropped me off as well as the other woman and the two guys headed to the casino.  Totally fine for me since I got to watch the second to last episode of “Project Runway.”  🙂

And now it’s nearly time to head back.  I need to pack up my stuff and meet up with the others in about an hour.  Then it’s drive to Moline, fly to Chicago and fly home.  It was a successful trip but I’m looking forward to going home!


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  1. RO'SS says:

    Lizzie I haven’t checked your blog in quite some time and popped in today.. wow, I envy you so much – autumn on the upper Miss river has got to be chock full of eye-popping beauty. Hope a poem or two is borne from the trip – definitely stay away from those mysterious cheese and guac sauces!

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