getting together with an old friend, a dream, and random bits

Today after work, I am heading over to an old friend’s house to help her bake cookies for one of her son’s school activities. This kind of activity is not normally on my agenda. But I’m sincerely trying to make an effort to go outside my comfort zone a bit in order to change my perspective.

I’m really excited to see Michelle and her family. She & I were best friends in 8th grade, then in 9th grade we added Diane to our best friendom making us a trio of friends. As so many women may know, trios don’t always work out and though we had some difficulties in high school, we endured and in fact, all three of us, independent of anyone else’s decision, ended up choosing to go to the same university. For us, it was just confirmation that we were destined to be friends forever.

In college, the ties of friendship were still there but we each pursued our own paths. Diane & I became much closer while Michelle made new friends, joined a sorority, created a new orbit. We drifted apart.

After college, Diane moved to the Bay Area but Michelle and I stayed in San Diego. In a strange coincidence, Michelle took a job teaching at the same school where my friend, Heather, was teaching, and so we were brought together again. I went to her wedding (with Diane). She has two sons now and isn’t a teacher (in fact, that lasted only a year, maybe two).

I sent her an email in April to wish her a happy birthday. She & Diane’s birthdays were a day apart so it was always a fun few days, especially since they sometimes fell during spring break. I was the oldest of the three, born in ’71, then Michelle in ’72 and Diane in ’73 (she was advanced for her age). I didn’t get a response from Michelle and I didn’t think too much about it. [The previous year, I found out, in a Christmas card from her dad and step-mom, that Diane had gotten married. I found it such a strange way to learn such news. Especially since I didn’t get a Christmas card from Diane at all. I felt a great sadness because I wasn’t sure where things went awry with us. Although we had another mutual friend where things were not working out between me & her, I had always thought that Diane & I were still okay. But somewhere in there, we stopped communicating, and she is lost to me. I do truly miss her friendship. And though this post is about getting together with Michelle, I feel there is no way to mention her without bringing up Diane.]

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I got an email from Michelle, in response to the birthday message I had sent. She had thought she’d sent it sooner, but she found it in her “drafts” folder. After going back & forth, we were able to find a time in our schedules to get together. Michelle has seen me in good times and bad, and it’s with a kind of awe that I realize we’ve known each other for 23 years. I’m really looking forward to seeing her.

So much so that I had a dream last night where she figured prominently in it. We were with a big group of other people, I think we were the age we are now. We were in an old urban area, kind of rundown and we happened upon some basketball courts. She threw me a ball and I went in for a lay-up, something I haven’t done in years. In the dream, it felt natural and awesome.

In the next part of the dream, she was going to drop me off at my car which had my bags in it. I was going to a school but she was the only one who could get me to my car. We were on a bus and the driver knew her but not me and he didn’t like that. She reassured him that it was okay and then the bus dropped us off and she took me to my car.

Here’s where it changes some. Next thing I recall was that in the dream, I was sleeping, but I woke up and was in some kind of ride, like at Disneyland. There was a screen in front of me that kept showing cityscapes and it felt like I was moving, like my bed was on the top deck of a double decker bus. It was completely dark except for the screen which kept scrolling through different city skylines. I remember that in my dream consciousness, I saw the skyline for Chicago and registered that that’s where I was going.

The next thing I knew, I was explaining to Han where I was going to school. It was called the University of Chicago, Depalmier Place. [Before my dream, I don’t know that I knew there was such a thing as University of Chicago. But from my googling, there is, though there’s nothing about Depalmier Place being associated with UChicago or anything else for that matter]. I recall that I was looking at a brochure which had a layout of what my dorm room would look like. I was getting ready to go into a writing program of some kind. Han looked at the brochure with me for a few minutes, and then finished eating his purple mashed potatoes (WTF?).


In completely unrelated news, my dad has started a blog. Now all of my immediate family have blogs, plus my aunt in Sweden. What a trip, but how cool is that?


NaBloPoMo is coming! Actually, I guess it’s always going, but my sister & I have talked about taking up the post every day in November challenge (which we did last year, too). I’m ready for it!


How about that World Series? I’m rootin’ for the Phillies because of my National League bend but that doesn’t mean I’m rooting against the Rays if you know what I mean. When BJ Upton stole 2nd and then came in to score, I thought it was awesome, especially because of the terrible conditions they were playing in. I guess it’s still raining in Philly so the game won’t be resumed today but it should be a good one when it does!

Until next time!


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  1. hope you enjoyed your time with your friend…and that the cookies came out good!

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