fall back

It’s only 5:30 pm and the evening is almost all dark.  It rained today out of nowhere.  I was at the grocery store and came out to a steady drizzle.  So much fun putting the groceries in the car that way.

We just got back from seeing the Junior Theater production of “Cats.”  Man, they always do such a great job.  All those kids dancing and singing.  Never mind that I could barely keep up with what was happening.  It was tough to understand what they were singing most of the time but Han filled me in as he had seen the play before.  What I didn’t know was that it is based on poems by T.S. Eliot.  I did a little reading up on the play when DK was getting ready to audition.  We’re going again next Sunday and I’ll have another chance to pick up on some of the nuances and take it in more.  DK did a fine job as a pit singer.  She helped fill in the high notes on the ensemble songs.  Not too easy but she did great.  We barely got to see her after the show as she was socializing with her friends and then her mom was there to pick her up.  She was at 6th grade camp all last week, too so it seems like so long since we’ve all had a chance to hang out.  Hopefully, tomorrow, we’ll all get a chance to catch up on things.

Yesterday, I drove up to LA to my parents’ house since my sister and nephew had come into town.  I had wanted it to be a surprise knowing that that might backfire on me, which it kind of did.  Everyone except my mom had gone shopping and I had missed them by only 10 minutes.  But that gave my mom & I a chance to talk and hang out which I always love to do anyway, so it was all good. 

I was so excited to see my sis since she has been on a weight loss journey since June.  She’s lost 43 pounds and really looks great.  I am so proud of her and feel very inspired by her determination and by her results!  Go Red!!

The whole family came up to Han’s gig and that was great.  It had been some time since they’d seen the Acoustic Duo do a whole show of their own and I think they really enjoyed it (maybe they’ll all blog about it!)  I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but last week (10/24), I went up home again because my dad had woken up the day before with Bell’s Palsy.  I’m happy to say that he’s doing much better now and I was really glad to see that.

And T, my nephew, is getting taller and more handsome every time I see him.  He’ll be hanging out with my folks for the next 2 1/2 weeks and then my sister will come back to get him (they live in SLC). 

So now, it’s November, my birthday month, and, as ever, there’s plenty going on.  Han’s heading to northern CA twice this month and I’ll be joining him on the second trip.  More details on that soon. Of course, the election will be big news this week, my birthday, Thanksgiving, more gigs, preparing for the Christmas etc.  Lots going on, but I’m dedicated to NaBloPoMo so keep checking in to hear all about it!


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