a late night customer service rant

Here’s something that irks me.  When you go to a store, say Staples, and you ask someone for some information on a product you need to order.  You are only on a fact-finding mission.  You get the information and use it to make a decision.  Later, you return to the store (Staples), confident in the information you were previously given, to place your order.  When you get to the counter and explain your task, you are promptly told something else.  For example, initially you were told something would take 5-7 days and now you’re being told it will take 3 weeks. 

This same scenario can also be applied to FedEx Kinko’s.  I mean what the hell?  Don’t these people go through the same training?  Wouldn’t each employee working in that particular department be aware of the parameters involved with certain specialty product information?  It’s rather amazing to be honest.

Ultimately, what I was told would take 1 day will actually take 3 days, so I’m giving my business to Kinko’s.  And even though I still got mis-information the first time I asked, at least 3 days is better than 3 weeks.  Hear that, Staples?

Han is flying to northern California just for one night tomorrow so I’ll have a quiet evening at home. Saturday, I’ll pick him up and we’ll head to another gig.  Sunday, we’ll go see the final performance of CATS. The following week will be rather crazy as we prepare to go to northern CA for more shows, this time driving and I’ll join the fun.  We are going to stay an extra day in order to go the Lucinda Williams show at the Fillmore on Monday.  FUN!  More on that later, time to go to bed…


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