it’s a beautiful day

A rare midday post.  It’s a gorgeous day here in San Diego.  I’ve accomplished quite a bit today already.  Got my oil changed, got gas, read several chapters of Bread Alone, made some phone calls.  I’m blogging now because I’ll be picking up Han in about an hour and then we’ll be heading to North County for one of his gigs and won’t be back until later tonight.

Whenever I read a book, I will often take on the perspective of the main character.  [Does anyone else do that?]  I put myself in their position.  What would I do?  And then I look at my own life and think and what will I do?  I’m having one of those days when I feel like anything is possible, but I don’t know what that anything could be.  For the moment, that’s okay.  What I want to hang on to is the feeling.  That “anything is possible” feeling.  I get it when I look at the incredible blue water of the bay, when I drive with my window down and it’s not stifling hot, when I’m hungry and I find something good to satisfy it, when I tidy up my home and feel happy to have such a great space to live in, when I can read without guilt, when I can take care of things without anxiety.  That’s the feeling I have now.  And I want to sustain it.  I want it to permeate everything I do.   And for now, it does, and it’s a beautiful feeling.


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