my first pomegranate & other tidbits

When I was home at my parents’ a couple weeks ago, my mom showed me how to open a pomegranate.  I couldn’t recall that I had ever seen one open before or tasted the fresh fruit.  I loved it!

So when I saw the pom display at my grocery store last week, I picked one up.  It has sat in my refrigerator until today.

I cut off the top, then scored it into four or five sections. Over a bowl of water, I began to release the “arils” from the fruit.  I loved how methodical the process was, and how satisfying it was to break open the fruit, pick out each juicy bit.  Thankfully, there wasn’t too much juice so it didn’t look like a murder scene in the kitchen. 

After going through each piece of the pomegranate, I scooped out the white membrane from the water, then strained the arils from the water.  Now there is good amount of them to snack on for the next couple days.  Yum!

I finished Bread Alone. I liked it and will seek out its sequel, The Baker’s Apprentice.  I was surprised but happy to see in her acknowledgements that one of her writing partners as she prepared the book was Amy Wallen, a fiction writer I know here in San Diego.  What a small world!

Now I’ll give my full attention to Bel Canto and perhaps stop by the library to get something else to put in the queue.  I mean, I read Bread Alone in 6 days!  That’s really good for me these days.

The weather today is blustery.  Windy and cool, threats of rain all day but nothing yet. I missed the last show of CATS this afternoon.  I’m sorry to have missed it but it just worked out that way.  Tonight we have some friends coming over to hang out and also to work with Han in the studio.  I did some grocery shopping and laundry.  Typical Sunday stuff.

We’ll be leaving Thursday night to drive up to northern California for some Acoustic Duo shows, then a bonus night to see Lucinda Williams at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco.  Then home, then my birthday, then another day, then Disneyland with family and then the week after that, Thanksgiving.  It’s going to be a crazy time in the next couple weeks which may inhibit my NaBloPoMo activity but I’ll do my best.  Happy Sunday!  Han & I have been at odds and it was just better for us (or maybe just me) to bow out.


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  1. Mamacita says:

    Pomegranates are good for you and they are a really interesting fruit! Glad you enjoy it

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