una chica en Chico

We’ve arrived safely in Chico and are hanging out in our gigantic room.  The internet is so helpful.  I found these rooms online, king jacuzzi suites for only $100 each.  There are two rooms in each suite.  In one room is a microwave, sink, fridge, table w/ chairs, TV and small desk.  In the other room is the bed, another desk, TV and the bathroom (w/ jacuzzi style tub).  What a deal!

This morning, we did some sight-seeing in Redding.  We visited the Sundial Bridge and it was spectacular!  I took some photos but I’ll post a more professional one here:

It was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.  He has various other structures in Spain and then this random one in Redding.  It’s quite impressive.

Redding is really lovely and the weather was beautiful, warm and breezy, just right for a morning stroll across the Sacramento River. From there, we headed south toward Chico.  We already knew where we were eating for lunch as the guys had eaten there last time they’d been in town, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Taproom Restaurant.  YUM!

We ordered a taster platter of beers to share between the 3 of us, most of which were quite good.  For lunch, I had the fish & chips and they were delicious.  Han had a Montana patty melt and C had gumbo.  We were all happy & stuffed.  Good thing we have some time ’til we have to head out to the next gig.

Speaking of gigs, the one last night went okay.  It was not very well-attended and the hosts were stumped by this anomaly.  We made the best of it and of course, the Acoustic Duo wow’d the folks who were there.  We also did well in CD sales.

Before the show, they fed us.  Roasted chicken, salad, apple slices, brie & bread.  It was tasty, and bonus, brownies for dessert.  They gave us the leftovers to take with us, too.  We left the salad & chicken in the fridge at the room in Redding.  It just doesn’t travel well.  But I enjoyed an apple and then some brie on bread for breakfast and am getting ready to enjoy another brownie.
In other news, LA is burning and it’s no damn good.  I spoke to my mom and though they are safe, the sky is choked with smoke and ash.  I hope it’s over soon.


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  1. Mamacita says:

    Chica in Chico lol.
    I wrote in my blog about the fires, scary!
    Cool sundial, the architect’s name is Calatrava 🙂

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