I left my heart in…

Good evening from San Francisco!  Today has been a fairly mellow day.  We slept in some and then made our way to downtown Chico’s Starbucks.  Han & I walked around a bit and checked out some local stores while C read the paper and had coffee.  We left town around noon and made our way to the City and dropped off C at his hotel.  His employer has an office up here so he’ll be working tomorrow up here and has a room for tonight & tomorrow on his company’s dime.  Han & I made our way to our hotel, the Opal.  It’s not bad, an old Victorian building that’s been renovated. The room has a European feel, it reminds me of the room my mom & her sister shared as kids in Spain.  But it’s got everything we need and it’s all good.

Last night’s show was okay.  The hosts took some liberties with the details and handling of the show and I was more than aggravated by the whole thing.  But the location was incredible and the people were nice.

We’ll be leaving in about an hour to head to the last Acoustic Duo show of the trip.  Tomorrow we’ll have the day in the City and then will go to the Lucinda Williams show at the Fillmore.  That will all be way cool.  Until then!


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