home again, home again

Rolled into town by 5 pm or so.  Han did well managing the traffic on the way down, considering we were pretty darn tired from the night before.

We had just a couple hours to relax before some friends came over with dinner. One of our Australian friends was in town and is leaving tomorrow so this was our only chance to see him.  Marcia & her daughter accompanied him.  It was nice to have some good friends and be able to relax and laugh.  They left around 9 pm and then I did some work to reconcile the tour.  Hooray for making a profit!

The Lucinda show last night was great.  The Fillmore is spectacular in its intimacy, not to mention its collection of photography.  There were several pictures of Janis and I was a bit overcome at first to consider that she had performed on that very stage.  Way cool.  Lu put on a good show thankfully.  She played many of my favorites which was a pleasant surprise. I quietly enjoyed the music and drank a few beers.  After the show, we went ‘upstairs’ to hang out with our friend who’s in the band and ended up chatting with the bass player, too, who was a cool guy.

My birthday starts in 21 minutes so I want to get to sleep before that so I can wake up in a new year for myself 🙂


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