time to write

It’s tough for me to find time in the morning to write.  And in the evening, well, I’m not too inspired. So my dilemma tonight is when to create time to create.

I write this at ten ’til midnight after falling asleep on the couch.  That’s the other thing.  I just get tired at night.

In the past, in my prolific time, I would write when I would go out, to the coffeehouses and yes, even the bars.  I was a regular at the Ould Sod on Wednesday nights with my journal and a Guiness (or three) listening to Loam/The Hatchet Brothers.  But that’s not how it works anymore, and I haven’t been able to replace that time.

I owe some poems to a friend who is guest editor for the San Diego Poetry Annual, and he asked me to submit some work to him.  Thankfully, the deadline has been extended to mid-December, so I’ll have to carve out some time and eke out some inspiration somwhere along the way.  Maybe while I’m doing that, I’ll also figure out how to put some exercise back in my routine.

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