still technically Thanksgiving

I haven’t gone to bed yet, so even though it’s “technically” the day after Thanksgiving, meaning I would have missed another day of blogging in November…it’s still the same day in which I woke up, meaning I have not slept since it was “actually” Thanksgiving.

It was a great day, despite all of the indications in which it might not have been a good one.  I woke up naturally at 9 am. Read my book on the couch (finished it even!) and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, something I don’t know I’ve ever done before in my life, at least from start to finish.  The rain came down and I opened one of the front windows to let in the sound and the wind.  It was one of the most perfect mornings of my life. The scent of the freshly blooming jade in front of our house, the smell of the ocean, the absolute perfect cadence of the raindrops made it simply supreme.

I am typing this now after our Thanksgiving outing at a good friend’s house (replete with three different kinds of turkey no less plus a ham!), and my typing is less than accurate.  There are many instances of deleting and backspacing.  But despite that, I am content.  We were with people who have been part of our lives for longer than I realized and as we conversed and shared the holiday, I was struck by how close we have become without being caught up with the day-to-day ups and downs of life.

Combining the shocking death of Scott yesterday, and really, all the others we’ve lost this year, with such a holiday of celebration, was an uplifting experience in a very uncommon way. I feel so lucky in so many ways, and it felt so good to share this day with these people who are family in a non-traditional sense.  My family (Mom, Dad, Sister), in particular, have never been extremely traditional with this holiday, and so, as I’ve grown older, it does not quite demand the particular emotion that many others feel at this time.  But it does not diminish the fact that I care deeply and am so very grateful and thankful to my immediate family for their enthusiastic and unrelenting support.  I am confident that even though we (or I) chose to not be together on this day that they know beyond any doubt how much I adore them and so desperately rely on their unconditional love at all times. 

It is with an abundant heart that I say I have no regrets in my life, and that I am doing everything I would do if I had the chance to do it all exactly like I wanted to.  I hope whoever reads this feels the same.


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