5 – days ’til Christmas

75 – packages I mailed out today

9 – people Han and/or I know who have passed on this year (RIP: Paul, Craig, Dan, Scott, Lorna, Papa Herman, Wanda, Brendan, Smitty)

$1.56 – lowest price of gas I’ve seen in San Diego

37 – how old I turned on my last birthday

2 – poems I had published this year

2 – days Han & I spent at Disneyland last week (our Christmas present to each other)

401(k) – contribution will be matched by my employer in 2009

10 – shows on the DVR right now

3 – loads of laundry to do

24 – cookies I made last night

2 – books I’m currently reading

13 – days since my last post

7 – gifts left to wrap

98 – miles from my house to my parents’ house where we’ll be on Christmas Eve & part of Christmas day

160 – photos I have to download

2009 – year I can’t wait to get here

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