how I rang in 2009

Once upon a time on New Year’s Eve, 2008, my friends Matt & Joey (a girl) had a party to celebrate their new home together and of course, the new year. Han & I and many of our closest friends gathered to drink, graze, rock, roll, talk, laugh and overall be together to cross the threshold into 2009. Did I mention there was also a photo booth?

Han & I had a room that was a 3 minute walk away so we wouldn’t have to worry about the amateurs out that night. I had made sugar-and-spice candied walnuts and pecans to bring over. I wore my hair in pigtails and drank Karl Strauss Red Trolley ale from a keg all night. Did I mention there was also a photo booth?

Han didn’t drink much, some champagne and a little bit of Jameson. He rocked the drums in the sound-proof garage while I mingled from room to room, always finding someone fun to talk to or cheers with. Did I mention there was also a photo booth?

Han & I took some photos together rather early in the overall timeframe of the evening. They are good photos of us, rather tame in their composition. Cathryn had created the photo booth outside on the patio. A beautiful red curtain as a backdrop and a room divider on the side for some privacy from the party. The camera was digital and had a timer or you could just find someone to snap the button. It also had a flip screen so you could see the photo that would result and thus pose as you saw fit. It seems nearly everyone made their way over to the booth during the night. Some of us more than others as the night wore on and the drinks kept going down. The results are crazy funny and only speak to the complete abandon we all seemed to be feeling as we ushered out what was such a sorrowful year for so many of us. These photos that are emerging on Facebook and myspace are awesome, if not slightly embarrassing and unflattering (for me). But they capture a shared evening that was beyond any doubt a most awesome beginning to the year.

But the photo booth was not even my favorite part of the evening. It happened probably around 11:58 pm. Han & I were standing outside with another friend of ours. Across the patio, I saw some of our other friends. People we’ve come to know and love on new levels in 2008. I turned to say something to Han when the most amazing thing happened. Those friends all made their way over to us, saying, “Now we’re in the right place.” When I thought back on that moment yesterday (and again even now), tears fill my eyes. The fact that they all happen to be women (aside from Han of course) is another marvel to me and fills me with complete bliss. As we counted down, I felt such relief, and great anticipation for a better year. And with this group around me, with these shared feelings, the energy was palpable and amazing. And then it was midnight in San Diego. I kissed Han, and Cathryn, and Marcia, and Barbara, and the Becky. And in that moment all seemed right with the world.

Things only got better as we went around to Matt & Joey and other friends to offer our well wishes with warm hugs and kisses.  So thank you my dear friends for being there for me and for each other to get us through that bitch of a year. I am so excited to see what 2009 has in store for all of us.

And with that, I give you a photo that will surely go down in history, our Charlie’s Angels pose…happy new year!


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  1. Marcia says:

    That foreshadowing pose of ours is very telling: We’re goin’ into this year with smiles but poised with an inner-fight to make it a much better year.
    We rock.
    Lizzie Rocks.
    2009 Rocks.

  2. Cathryn says:

    I don’t get credit for the photo booth, only the camera was ours. The idea was Joey’s and the building of said booth was all Joey and (surprisingly?) Johnny Mac.

    I will take credit, however, for having the wherewithall (with only 2 minutes to spare!)to find The Marsh and along the way gather Barbara and The Becky and make my way back to you and (teehee) Han just in time.

    2008 changed me. I’m a bit afraid right now, life seems more fleeting and fragile than it ever has and it’s made me realize how important my close friends are… and who they are.

    You, my friend, I love. May we all be filthy, stinking happy this year and maybe have enough left over for a six pack.


  3. Becky says:

    I read this a couple of hours ago and had to come back to it because I was awestruck that I didn’t know how to respond. You painted such a lovely picture of NYE 2008, and I am so very blessed to able to share it with you (and the rest of y’all). The Charlie’s Angels photo speaks volumes of the close-knit relationship we have built and strengthened during some very difficult times. Bring on the best, 2009!

  4. Barbara says:

    Lizzie, this made me cry. I am so sorry i waited so long to read it. I’ve had my head up my ass.
    New year’s Eve was fabulous. Matt and Joey hosted a beautiful party. I remember specifically saying we need to find Lizzie and “Han” as the countdown approached, and started frantically looking around the patio for you. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else at that moment. You are a very special part of my life, and i am lucky to know you.

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