beginnings of unwritten blog posts in my head

– DK’s room is finished and I must give her credit on the color selection.  Han & I thought it would too dark, but it totally works.  I’ll post before & after pics soon.

– Had a fun time at the house concert.  This guy always has such a great spread in the green room. Lamb/beef meatballs, shrimp, salmon, lots of wine & beer, veggies, brie, so much good stuff.  Han plays percussion with this performer and these shows are always fun.  The performer is getting ready to head back to his “other job” up in SF, so getting to hang with him while we can is good.

– The family gathering has come & gone and it was, by all accounts, a rousing success.  My parents finally met Han’s (well, one half of them anyway).  I found out later that Han’s dad asked my dad when Han & I would be getting married.  I think my dad handled it well (‘they seem to be doing just fine…’) and later Han’s dad & stepmom hinted at wanting more grandkids to which we firmly told them to not expect them from us.
The gumbo that John made was spectacular, and bonus, we bought a rice cooker for the occasion and now we have that in our kitchen arsenal. Overall, it was a good time and I think everyone was glad they could be there.

– Obama’s inauguration was splendid.  We watched it at work, which was cool.  When I got home from work, I watched the speech again since Han had recorded it.  Awesome.

– C came over for an Acoustic Duo meeting.  Work has begun for their 5th record.

– Got a letter from Mary and wrote her back for her birthday.  Forgot to tell her that “yes!” I want another quilt.

– Last show of the music season in Fallbrook.  Thought of maybe going up to Long Beach to see some old poetry friends but decided to close out the season with these good music friends.

– Sitting in the audience of the “Year in Ink” publication party, I couldn’t help but contemplate the many people I still know in the poetry world of San Diego.  And how comfortable I feel in it.  I almost want my hair to be more dissheveled and haphazard because I’m a poet and it makes me look more like one. Some good readers, some okay, some new faces, some happily familiar ones.  It feels good to be published in this fine book, only 30 poems out of 400 submissions made it in.

– Han is sick.  Things are unbalanced.  I realize that I often feel quite uninspired.

– Have been watching the Australian Open.  Love tennis.

– Stayed home while Han’s Rock Band had a gig.  I began to compile a catalog of all of my poems, which ones have been published, and where.  For those that I didn’t have a copy of saved to my computer, I typed out and saved them.  It was quite the journey to return to some of those past poems and recall the girl/woman/dreamer who first wrote them.   Is she still here?

– Fun Superbowl party at Cathryn & Jonny’s.  Han won $50 on some pool.  Lots of munchies and the return of the best eggrolls in the world.

– The beginning of February and another opportunity to start over with the goals for the year.  How will they manifest themselves this month?  And how well did I do in January?

– Made some updates to the blog.  Added some new pages, updated the Flicks & Books pages.  Contemplating how to incorporate my old house concert stuff here.


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