shouldn’t my ears have been on fire?

About a month ago or so, Han got an email from his friend in Hollywood who also happens to be the guy that Han uses for mastering all of his clients’ projects.  This guy is phenomenal.  A real-life Grammy winner. A top dog. The real deal. And as I mentioned, also a friend.  He & Han have worked together for the last 12 years and they’ve built up a strong fellowship.  So, it’s natural that he was included on our list of people to receive our 2nd annual holiday CD.

[If I haven’t mentioned it before, last year we decided to record a song and send that out as our holiday card, rather than just a card.  Yes, more expensive, but so much more meaningful (I think).  In 2007, DK & I traded verses on “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” while Han played a beautiful acoustic version of “Silent Night” in the background. Last year, we added on to it, with Han & DK doing a duet of “You Belong to Me” and then me reading an awesome poem I found by Timothy Steele called “Toward the Winter Solstice.”  The cover of the CD is a picture of the three of us.  Aww.  So, the CD is recorded and duplicated. The photo is taken and reproduced.  I assemble the CD’s and mail them. Lots of people got them.  Friends, family, business associates etc.  Our plan is to continue to add something new every year so we’ll ultimately be able to release our own holiday album.  Hee!  But really, everyone will hear DK as she grows up and hopefully we’ll capture some studio/holiday magic.  I’m already thinking about what I can do for this year’s version.]

Back to the story. So Awesome Mastering Guy receives the CD and decides to have a listen to it while he has a moment.  He is set up in his superior mastering listening room.  Suddenly, some people show up to have a chat with him about their next project that he will work on.  They come into the listening room while Han & DK’s song is playing and instead of turning it off to attend to business, they keep listening to it.  They hear me read the poem and apparently (according to the email) are impressed and/or taken with my voice/performance of the piece.  I can only assume that Awesome Mastering Guy tells them who we are and what they’re listening to before they move to the reason they’re there.

Now who are these people?   Well…remember this?  That’s right.  It was only Robert Plant and Allison Krauss.  !!!!!!!  Insert your most flabbergasted exclamation here and then multiply it by about a million.  I know.  It blows me away, too.  When Han told me, I simply couldn’t comprehend it.  How does such a thing happen?  And yet, it is that very thing that does happen on occasion in this crazy little life of mine.


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  1. redred says:

    This is my favorite story EVER! Loved it!!

    And they were right to be impressed. You are awesome on the CD 🙂


  2. Mia Thegel says:

    WOw I just say WOW. Robert Plant, that’s big and there you see what can happen if you send out such lovely “christmas cards”. I just love it when I get mine. It’s like you say so much more worth especially for me I think to hear your voices when we’re so far apart.

    Hugs Mia 🙂

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