the one with the neti pot

I love Friends. Although it’s been off the air for 5 years now, I still watch it in syndication every day and can watch the episodes over and over.  One Christmas, Han bought me the Friends Scene It game.  The titles of all of their episodes begin with “The One…” except the first episode (The Pilot) and the last episode (The Last One).  This post’s name was thus inspired by that.

Han has been dealing with the cold/flu ickiness that has made its rounds a few times all over the county.  He’s taken Nyquil, Advil Cold & Sinus, cough drops, shower soothers etc.  The other day, he asked if I would get him an eye dropper since he’d seen something on TV about a remedy, and that’s when I mentioned that maybe a neti pot would work.   We’d heard of this little device before and thought fondly of the episode of Conan O’Brien where Amy Sedaris demonstrates how to use one (I tried to find a video but it’s been removed from YouTube because of a copyright claim by NBC – boo!).  I believe my sister has also used it.  Han was willing so off I went to Rite-Aid where I found one for $13.

The next day while at work, I got an email from Han: “The nose pot is awesome!”  He’s been using it now regularly for a few days and it’s really helping him get over the ickiness.  I asked if I could watch him (and even take pictures) and he said no.  I have yet to try it, but probably will at some point, even if just for the experience!

In other news, it’s raining off and on here but Han & I may be going to the Buick Invitational tomorrow (got free tickets at work) after I’m done at book club. Tonight it’s a birthday show at one of our old hangouts.


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  1. redred says:

    The neti pot rules! T watched me use it and he thought it was pretty icky. I don’t think you’d like to watch, but to each her own. Glad it’s working for Han.

    I’ve never been to a golf tournament to watch. If it was a nice day, it would probably be fun.

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