post “Il Postino” poem

As mentioned yesterday, I wrote a poem after seeing “Il Postino” and it was a nice turning point for me. One in which I accepted and basically beckoned the title of poet to be bestowed upon me. Enjoy and happy easter/passover to those of you who celebrate!

Monday Night, I Accept Something
by Lizzie Wann

I am dressed but next to my skin is only cloth
it touches me softly
but I am not aware of it
only of my skin
that is changing
& a world I am engulfed by
having stepped into it
not wanting it to spin away
because I know it is the best world to know
I believe anything I want is possible
because of this world’s existence
where words & music can in fact be magic
can in fact be truth, be love
even speakers in another room
or a film that takes place by the sea
& a spontaneous tango on a sun-warmed patio
is a gift for a lonely man’s eyes

I have been reluctant to know Neruda
because I was afraid my life might change
that the possibility of it might actually become
that I might embrace it like the page accepts the ink
‘it’ being the delicious thought
that when I am old
dressed in linen, watching waves
I want to be known as poet
that there is a grace in perpetuating
a soul’s beauty & the water’s torment
that I am not the only one who wants
to live on wind, move through night,
or relish the freedom of washing my face
by candlelight, feeling the clean roll down my neck,
& wishing to meet you where dragons fall in love

my skin is changing
accepting a shape I give it
with knowledge that I can do it
because I share the space
where a world like this is acknowledged
& is the best world to know

I accept it alone
with no better way to explain
except with words I’ve already used here
it is internal, it is released, it is constant

I accept


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